Joe Rogan – They’ve Discovered The Biggest Ever Land Animal To Walk The Earth | Dinosaur Documentary

Joe Rogan - They’ve Discovered The Biggest Ever Land Animal To Walk The Earth | Dinosaur Documentary

According to Joe Rogan using very Advanced technology and procedures Archaeologists discovered the biggest Ever creature to walk on earth in Argentina they found bones longer than 33 ft which belongs to the biggest ever Dinosaur to walk the earth weighing Around 10 tons with that scientists Discovered the biggest forgotten Creature that's ever lived on the earth That could compete with dinosaurs and Was eating everything on its way these Are some mindboggling discoveries so Let's explain everything so a group of Scientists from the naturalis IMO Univers dagosa and univers naal Del Kahu Have discovered evidence indicating that A dinosaur fossil found in Argentina in 2012 might be the biggest creature ever In a paper published in the journal Cretaceous research the team explains The findings from the fossilized remains They have uncovered so far the biggest Creature known to have existed is the Blue whale which can reach lengths of 33.6 M among land animals dinosaurs Specifically the titanosaur are thought To be the largest the Argentinosaurus a Type of titanosaur is considered the Heaviest dinosaur measuring around 36.5 M in length and weighing approximately 100 tons this makes it much larger than Today's land animals while some Researchers studying patagotitan fossils

Have proposed that they might have Surpassed This Record there hasn't been Enough fossil evidence to confirm it However the researchers examining the New dinosaur remains now believed they May have discovered an even larger Titanosaur the dinosaur lived around 98 Million years ago which is in the late Jurassic to early Cretaceous Period the Discovered fossils consist of 24 large Tailbones along with parts of the pelvis And shoulder area these findings Indicate that the dinosaur was likely a Massive titanosaur possibly larger than The Argentinosaurus however to confirm this The researchers need to find leg bones As their size is crucial for estimating The dinosaur's overall body weight Titanosaurs are a type of plant eating Dinosaurs that belonged to the sorod Family they were huge creatures with big Bodies long necks and Tails because of Their size they probably didn't have to Worry much about being attacked by meat Eating dinosaurs when they were fully Grown fossils of titanosaurs have been Discovered on every continent except Antarctica the researchers believe that Further excavation in the area May Uncover more fossils from the same Dinosaur and provide more clues about Its actual size so titanosaurs the Biggest ever creatures roamed the Earth

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Between 145 and 66 million years ago Think long- necked Giants munching on Leaves from the tops of trees towering Over anything else alive back then these Gentle Giants lived during the Cretaceous Period a time of warm humid Climates with Lush forests and vast Plains it was a world teeming with Incredible life from The Fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex to the feathery Ancestors of modern Birds imagine giant Crocodiles snapping in in the rivers While pterosaurs soared overhead with Leathery Wings it was a time of true Giants and fascinating diversity but Even with their immense size titanosaurs Weren't the top of the food chain they Had to watch out for Predators like the Speedy danicus and the bone crushing Kerodon aaur they might have even shared Their habitat with some early mammals Tiny scurrying creatures that would one Day evolve into the diverse animals we See today also a massive 33t long Anaconda scared Builders at a Construction site in Brazil the workers Found this huge snake weighing 63 stones After doing a controlled explosion in The cave of alamira in the northern State of perah a video recorded by one Of the workers shows the snake's big Body which is about 1 M wide after Finding the scary snake the workers tied It to a crane and lifted it up to show

Its yellows spotted Underside it's Interesting to point out that people Criticize this action in the comments in Various platforms some say the builders Killed the snake instead of letting it Stay in its natural home but this hasn't Been confirmed we should also point out That Medusa a snake in Kansas city holds The record for being the longest snake In captivity at 25 ft and 2 in Furthermore in 1758 scientists found the Black cayman the biggest predator in the Amazon it all began when franois Marie Doden a French naturalist explored French Guana and discovered this giant Creature he described it in detail and Carl lenaeus a famous Swedish scientist Officially named it melanos suus Niger In 1758 this confirmed that the black Cayman was real and crucial to the Amazon's life the black cayman with its Large size and strong Jaws wasn't just Interesting to scientists it played a Vital role in maintaining the balance of Nature in the rainforest by controlling The population of other animals Especially fish it kept the water system Healthy this understanding LED people to Work hard to protect the black cayman And its habitat the discovery didn't Only impact science it sparked curiosity About the Amazon eco-friendly tour Companies saw an opportunity to showcase The black cayman and the rainforest

Wonders bringing money to local Communities this also raised awareness About the importance of preserving the Rainforest the Amazon continued to Reveal new species and the discovery of The 20-foot creature not only excited The scientific Community but also put French Guana on the global map as a Biodiversity hotspot attracting interest From Wildlife enthusiasts and biologists And these are discoveries that have made Joe Rogan very curious about our history Joe Rogan and his guests have Unearthed Interesting tidbits about the biggest Creatures both past and present in Episode HH 1,43 with wildlife biologist Extraordinaire Forest galante they Dissect the mindboggling size of Creatures like the Megaladon a 60-ft Shark and the Titanoboa a monstrous Snake exceeding 50 ft in length galante Doesn't just detailed their size but Dived into their hunting strategies Leaving Rogan and listeners speechless He compared the Megalodon's bite force To a T-Rex and described the Tian noo as Ability to crush and swallow prey whole These insights paint a vivid picture of A bygone era dominated by truly colossal Beings Beyond prehistoric behemoths Rogan explored the marvels of Contemporary Giants in episode HH 1,843 with paleontologist Steve brussat They delved into the blue whales

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Mindblowing size surpassing even the Largest dinosur brussat revealed Astonishing facts a blue whale's tongue Can weigh as much as an elephant and its Heart is the size of a small car he Explained how these gentle Giants Adapted to thrive in the vast ocean Depths such episodes not only showcase The awe inspiring scale of these Creatures but also highlighted the Incredible ecological roles they play And that's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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