Joe Rogan – They’ve Just Discovered The Largest Caiman Ever In The Amazon

Joe Rogan - They’ve Just Discovered The Largest Caiman Ever In The Amazon

According to Joe Rogan scientists Discovered the largest Cayman ever in The Amazon which is around 20 ft tall The size and characteristics of this Largest Cayman ever are mind-boggling Additionally the largest snake ever Estimated to be 42 to 45 ft long was Discovered by scientists in the Amazon As well these are some mindboggling Discoveries about the largest Cayman Ever so let's start from the beginning So these discoveries instantly caught Joe Rogan's attention during his podcast He with guests talked a lot about this Huge mysterious creature that was Discovered Rogan as usual wanted to Connect stories in reality by inviting Experts like herpetologists biologists And people who saw the creature to share Their thoughts he told a detailed story Exploring what this strange animal could Mean they didn't just talk about its big Size they also wondered about how these Creatures live and behave as terrifying Predators this led to discussions about What the creatures could tell us about The health of the Amazon so everything Started in 1758 when when scientists Discovered the black cayman the biggest Crocodilian predator in the Amazon this Giant creature about 20 ft long was like A thrilling story that unfolded across The world the discovery started with two People franois Marie Doan a French

Naturalist went deep into French Guana In the middle of the Green Jungle he Found an incredible black cayman he Carefully wrote notes and made drawings Of its big size strong jaws and dark Skin helping scientists understand it Better in another part of the world a Famous Swedish scientist named Carl Lenus got dowden's descriptions he Realized how important this new Predator Was and officially named it melanos Sucus Niger in his book in 1758 this Scientific label confirmed that the Black cayman wasn't just a legend it was A crucial part of the Amazon's life the Black Cay and wasn't only interesting to Scientists it was also essential for the Rainforest as the top predator it helped Keep the balance in nature by Controlling the number of other animals Especially fish it kept the whole water System healthy understanding this people Started working hard to protect the Black cayman and its home but the impact Of this discovery wasn't only in science It made people curious about the Amazon Wanting to see this incredible predator In its natural home companies offering Eco-friendly tours saw a chance to show Visitors the black cayman and the Wonders of the rainforest this brought Money to local communities and made People realize how important it is to Take care of the rainforest the Amazon

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Has consist consistently yielded Discoveries of new species and rare Creatures and the discovery of the 20-foot creature did more than just Excite the herpetological community it Bolstered French guana's position on the Global map as a Haven for biodiversity The country saw a surge in interest from Wildlife enthusiasts and biologists then In 1842 in the Lush lagoa Santa caves in Brazil a scientist from Denmark named Peter Wilhelm Lund started digging there To find old things buried in the ground Like bones and fossils he didn't know it Then but he found something really Important a huge ground sloth called Arium Laurel ardi Lund didn't find just One Arium he found lots of teeth and Some parts of the creature mixed with Other ancient bones these pieces showed That Arium was much bigger than any Other ground sloth known before Lund was Smart and careful he wrote down Everything he found making it easier for Other scientists to study later even Though Lund found important Clues Figuring out everything about Arium was Hard over the next 100 years more parts Of the sloth were found in different Places in South America it became clear That Arium was a giant taller than 2 m And weighing more than 4 tons to Understand more about Arium scientists Used different methods they looked at

The bones and compared them to other Animals to learn about its family tree And where it fit in the ecosystem they Studied the wear on its teeth to figure Out what it ate turns out it liked to Eat leaves and fruits from tall trees They even looked at the the chemicals in Its bones to learn about where it lived And the environment at that time as Scientists found more and learned more They saw a clearer picture of Arium it Wasn't just a big Predator it was a Gentle giant that had a special role in The ancient South American World Its Huge size and unique features helped Shape the landscape millions of years Ago finding the big ground sloth Arium Laureli gives us cool glimpses into how Earth was a long time ago but figuring Out exactly how hot or cold it was back Then as tricky first because Arium was So big and liked eating from tall trees It suggests the weather was warm and Damp its special features show it lived In a varied forest with lots of plants Which usually happens in warmer places Next the sloth's big size might be Because of the warm weather in warmer Places there's usually more food so big Plant eaters like Arium could grow Arium Lived in the Pline time and there were Lots of big animals around the big Sloths shared the Earth with different Mammals birds and reptiles making a

Complex World each part of the plista Scene had its own weather and different Kinds of Life finally one more discovery Of a giant creature in the Amazon is Attributed to the Percy faucet a British Map maker an adventurer who explored South America in the early 1950 its Initial Journey began in 1906 in Brazil In 1970 he went to Bolivia where he Claimed to have encountered and killed a Huge snake-like animal while it was Swimming near his boat in unclear water According to faucet this snake was about 19 M long and at least 30 km wide back Then faucet also mentioned seeing some More strange things like a dog with two Noses and a really big spider called Apoka however most scientists didn't Believe these stories and didn't take Faucet's words too seriously in modern Times we've learned that the dogs with Two noses that faucet saw might have Been a kind of dog called double-nosed Andan tiger hounds which come from Bolivia the big apoka spider he talked About might have been a Brazilian Wandering spider if these ideas could be True then how sure can we be that the Giant anaconda is totally made up also a Recent discovery of the biggest ever Snake shocked the scientific Community Discovery that was published in the Journal Nature changes everything we Knew about history of animals this giant

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Snake the biggest ever lived about 6 Million years after the scary Tyrannosaurus Rex it was as long as a School bus and as heavy as a small car Scientists found parts of its skeleton In Colombia and they named it tanoa Cheronis the snake's bones suggest it Was around 42 to 45 ft long similar to The TX named Sue in Chicago's Field Museum this discovery was published in The journal Nature this is a snake that Was over 40t long and weighed more than A ton this huge snake resembled a boa Constrictor you might see today but it Acted more like the Anaconda that lives In the water it lived in swamps and was A powerful Hunter capable of eating any Animal it set its sights on the thickest Part of its body would be almost as tall As a grown man's waist while on the Journey the researchers discovered lots Of big turtle and ancient crocodile Bones these creatures were probably Eaten by the snake in 2005 researchers At the Nuclear Physics Institute in St Petersburg Russia studied the Relationship between the body size of Coldblooded animals and the temperature Around them they found that by looking At the sizes of different species at Various temperatures they could estimate The temperatures of the past using Fossils scientists head and block used The Russian study and information about

Today's anacondas in the Amazon to Figure out that titanoboa would have Needed really warm temperatures to Survive an ancient Saran and that's it For today subscribe to our Channel and Hit the notification Bell

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