Jordan Peterson – No One Will Truly Understand The Rare Genius of Elon Musk Even Bill Gates

Jordan Peterson - No One Will Truly Understand The Rare Genius of Elon Musk Even Bill Gates

Jordan Peterson explained why no one Will truly understand the rare Genius of Elon Musk Peterson explained why this is True in a 2022 interview Jordan said About Elon here's proof of why musk is One person in 100 million and Jordan had A very interesting point here also Jordan came out and talked about why People don't understand the genius of Elon Musk and the reason why he admires Musk so much this is a very interesting Take of Jordan Peterson about Elon Musk So let's explain it so in 2023 during The interview with Chris Williamson Jordan Peterson spoke highly of Elon Musk emphasizing musk's exceptional Creativity and unparalleled Conscientiousness according to Peterson Musk's combination of hyper creativity And high conscientiousness is a rare and Remarkable trait as Jordan stated musk Is hyper creative and as far as I can Tell hyper conscientious and the Conscientiousness does Focus you Peterson highlighted the unusual Correlation between creativity and Conscientiousness noting that many Creative individuals lack a high level Of conscientiousness he described musk As an extraordinary case potentially one In 100 million or even a billion Suggesting the Rarity and uniqueness of Musk's blend of creativity and Conscientiousness Jordan said there's no

Correlation between creativity and Conscientiousness so if you're one in a Thousand if you're the most creative Person in the thousand and you're the Most conscientious person in a thousand You're one person in a million and musk Is probably more like one person in 100 Ion furthermore in 2022 Jordan Peterson Expressed a mix of admiration and Curiosity about Elon Musk during The Lex Fredman podcast reflecting on musk's Ventures Peterson acknowledged the Seeming absurdity of musk's Mars Venture Questioning the practicality when Compared to establishing outposts in More accessible locations like Antarctica or the desert Peterson Admitted uncertainty about musk's Motivations and the ultimate feasibility Of his goals in a citation from the Podcast Peterson mentioned I would there Are things I would like to ask Mr musk About the Mars Venture I don't know what He's up to there it strikes me as absurd In the most fundamental sense because I Think while it would be easier just to Build an outpost in Antarctica or in the Desert despite these reservations Peterson highlighted musk's achievements As seemingly impossible Feats he Commended musk for successfully building Electric cars launching rockets at a Fraction of NASA's cost and initiating Projects like the boring company and

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Starlink Peterson acknowledged musk's Unique approach blending Whimsy with Serious Endeavors and marveled at musk's Ability to put his finger on Unconventional problems such as Underpopulation Peterson said I think These several of his ideas like Mars Like humans becoming a multiplanetary Species could be one of the things that Human civilization looks back at as duh I can't believe he's one of the few People that was really pushing this idea Because it's the obvious thing for for Society for life to survive with that in February 2022 2 during another interview With Chris Williamson Jordan delved into Elon musk's personality acknowledging Musk's genius and creativity while also Recognizing potential challenges Associated with it reflecting on a Statement musk made about his mind being A storm Peterson addressed the downsides Of highlevel Genius suggesting a Potential link to hypermania Peterson Commented on the verbal fluency test Stating so some people if you get them To do the four-letter test in 3 minutes They'll write down like 12 words and Some will write down 150 and the ones Who are writing down 150 their minds are Going at a hypomanic rate Peterson Highlighted the extreme variation in Creative individuals like musk with some Operating at a hypomanic pace thinking

Much faster than the average person he Drew parallels with his own experiences While writing his first book maps of Meaning describing Relentless thoughts And the difficulty of shutting down his Mind Peterson suggested that engaging in Physical activities like lifting weights Served as a means to quiet his thoughts Jordan said someone who's Manic and There's nothing fun about manic that's Where the word maniac comes from someone Who manic has a thousand different plans Each of which is one sentence long that They're hyperenthusiastic about they'll Spend every scent of their money Pursuing them and someone like musk Who's clearly a genius that's what he's Contending with it's interesting to Point out that musk often is compared to Steve Jobs for example Bill Gates who Knew Steve Jobs very well compared Elon To Steve in an interview with Bloomberg Gates was asked if Elon Musk a current Tech leader with Tesla and SpaceX could Be seen as the next Steve Jobs because Of his achievements in electric cars and Reusable Rockets Gates said that Oversimplifying things like this seems Odd when you know people personally he Pointed out differences between musk and Jobs according to Gates Elon is more Hands-On with engineering while Steve Was great at design choosing people and Marketing Gates emphasized that if you

Saw them in a room you wouldn't mistake One for the other Gates said elon's more Of a Hands-On engineer Steve was a Genius at design and picking people in Marketing you wouldn't walk into a room And confuse them with each other Additionally Steve wnc had some Interesting thoughts about Elon Musk When he compared him to Steve Jobs when Asked if he saw any similarities between Musk and jobs wnc said that both of them Led a group of devoted followers which He thought could be risky I put them in The category of being able to Communicate and wanting to be seen as Important like a cult leader he Explained when discussing the difference Between Elon Musk and Steve Jobs wnc Noted that jobs was not as misleading as Musk according to wnc jobs had a special Way of presenting information that was Captivating but not fundamentally Dishonest wnc mentioned that many people Would follow someone like Elon Musk Regardless of their actions or Statements in contrast wnc sees himself As as someone who values living an Honest life pointing out that musk often Exaggerated or underestimated the Potential of his Tesla company and Elon Musk known for his Relentless pursuit of Perfection in the technological realm Exhibits a remarkable level of Perfectionism in his professional

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Endeavors musk's dedication to pushing The boundaries of innovation and Achieving excellence in Industries such As of electric vehicles space Exploration and renewable energy is Evident however amidst the public fascin With his groundbreaking achievements Musk's image as a loving family man Remains relatively obscure despite his Intense focus on his work musk has Managed to maintain a private side Shielding his family life from the Spotlight the public may not be fully Aware of musk's role as a devoted father And partner underscoring the complexity And depth of his character beyond the High-profile technological landscape he Dominates and that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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