Jordan Peterson’s Crazy Revelation – Israel’s response to Hamas attacks will “change the Middle East

Jordan Peterson’s Crazy Revelation - Israel's response to Hamas attacks will "change the Middle East

Horrible news came from Israel about a Recent catastrophe that happened Millions dead the collapse of the global Economy in a shocking Twist of events Israeli military sources reveal their Commitment to unyielding air strikes on Gaza regardless of the potential risk to Israeli hostages because there are worse Things than dying you'll end up in Something like hell there's more Israel's reaction to a significant Surprise attack despite receiving Numerous prior warnings has the world Astounded also Jordan Peterson came out Explained why he supports Israel in this War in addition European leaders are Trying to do everything to help Israel As soon as possible but what decisions Have been made to help people who are Losing everything and the ultimate Question is what will be the fate of the Countless civilians caught in the Crossfire let's explain everything the Israeli military's Broadcasting Service Has indicated that despite the risk to Israeli hostages in Gaza Israel's Aggressive air strikes on the region Will persist according to Al jazer Israel remains Comm committed to Forcefully and extensively striking the Gaza Strip even if it endangers the Israeli captives held there amid Escalating attacks by Israel on the Gaza Strip the cassan brigades of Hamas have

Warned of dire consequences for the Hostages they hold they've expressed Intentions to publicly execute these Captives if Israel keeps attacking and Causing civilian casualties in Gaza hamas's Kasam Brigade spokesperson Abu oeda conveyed to Al jazer that any Unwarranted assault on civilians would Tragically result in the execution of a Captive in their possession which they'd Feel obligated to broadcast Abu oeda Emphasized their regret over this stance But placed the onus on the Israeli Authorities accusing them of forcing Their hand in this matter also Israel's Unanticipated reaction to a significant Surprise attack from Hamas raised Numerous concerns especially when it was Revealed on Monday that an Egyptian Intelligence Source claimed that Israel Had been consistently warned about a Potential major attack from the Gaza Group this Egyptian official highlighted That Egypt which has historically acted As an intermediary between Israel and Hamas had often alluded to a substantial Impending action from Hamas without Delving into specifics the official Indicated that Israeli authorities had Been primarily concentrating on the West Bank and had therefore diminished the Potential Threat from Gaza notably Israel's prime minister Benjamin nanahu Leads a government that largely consists

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Of advocates for West Bank settlers who Amidst an escalating 18-month wave of Violence have called for enhanced Security measures in the West Bank the Egyptian Source expressed his Frustration by saying despite our Warnings about an imminent major Escalation they didn't seem to take the Threat seriously he chose to remain Unnamed during his conversation with the Associated Press due to the sensitive Nature of the intelligence information Furthermore reports from the anet news Platform suggest that just 10 days Before the major attack Egypt's Intelligence minister General abas camel Personally reached out to nanahu Cautioning him about the potential for Gazans to execute an exceptionally Significant operation and Israel has Previously initiated military actions in Both Gaza and Lebanon without making an Official War declaration the current Declaration essentially endorses Israel's heightened military response Against Hamas according to Muhammad Jam Jum alzer's reporter in West Jerusalem The Israeli cabinet's backing of natany Who's War declaration implies that from Now on decisions regarding the conflict Can be made by the Prime Minister and The defense minister without constant Cabinet consultations for each specific Measure in essence this provides a legal

And formal structure to the war he added On another note Franchesca albanes the United Nations special rapporter on the Palestinian territories under occupation Cautioned against a potentially Misleading narrative surrounding the Israel Hamas conflict that overlooks The Long-standing History of Violence Direct Ed at Palestinians also Jordan Peterson Came out and declared his support for Israel as Jordan said Iran fed this war To turn Arab public opinion against Israel so that Saudi Arabia would not Sign the Abraham Accords then Jordan Responded to the post of the Wall Street Journal saying that the surprise attack On Israel by Hamas risks derailing us Efforts to normalize Saudi Israel ties And deescalate tensions with Iran to This Jordan responded that is obviously The plan on Monday un Secretary General Antonio gutterz criticized the attack by Hamas on Israel but expressed Significant concern over Israel's Subsequent decision to impose a Comprehensive blockade on the Gaza Strip Before this recent outbreak of Hostilities gaza's humanitarian Condition was already grave gutterz Shared with the media it's likely to Worsen rapidly now earlier that day yoav Gallant the Israeli defense minister Announced Israel's intentions to enforce A total blockade on the already

Restricted region emphasizing the Implications for its 2.3 million Residents they will have no access to Electricity food water or gas everything Will be Shut residents of the economically Challenged coastal region are preparing For a potentially extensive Israeli Ground operation aiming to subdue Hamas And rescue captives gutterz emphasized That the latest outbreak of violence is Not an isolated incident this is a Result of a protracted dispute rooted in 56 years of occupation without a Foreseeable political resolution he said Acknowledging Israel's genuine security Worries gutterz also reminded the nation Of its obligation to adhere to International humanitarian law when Undertaking military actions in the Aftermath of the islamist factions Coordinated attacks on Land Air and sea Israel has reported over 700 casualties And has retaliated with a series of Intensive Air Raids on Gaza resulting in The death of approximately 560 Individuals opening his statement Gutterz explicitly denounced the severe Assaults by Hamas and other groups on Israeli communities near the Gaza border However gutas acknowledged I understand The valid grievances of the Palestinians Yet no rationale can defend such acts of Terror which involve killing injuring

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And kidnapping civilians and Hamas is an Armed Palestinian faction that governs The Gaza Strip committed to the Eradication of Israel the group Envisions its replacement with an Islamic State since assuming control of Gaza in 2007 Hamas has engaged in Multiple confrontations with Israel Additionally it has launched or Permitted other factions to launch Numerous rocket attacks on Israel and Executed other forms of violence in Response Israel has launched multiple Air strikes against Hamas and together With Egypt has imposed a blockade on the Gaza Strip citing security Concerns designation and support several Countries and entities including Israel The US the EU and the UK label Hamas in Its entirety or at least its military Branch as a terrorist organization Iran On the other hand supports Hamas by Supplying funds weapons and training Gaza Strip defined situated between Israel Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea The Gaza Strip is a narrow piece of land Measuring about 41 kilam in length and 10 km in width how is it approximately 2.3 million inhabitants it boasts one of The world's highest population Densities living conditions in Gaza the Airspace and Coastline of Gaza are under Israeli jurisdiction Israel also Regulates the flow of people and goods

Through its border checkpoints with Gaza Likewise Egypt oversees and limits Passage across its boundary with the Territory and that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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