Neil DeGrasse Tyson – Something Strange is Happening with NASA’s Voyager Spacecraft

Neil DeGrasse Tyson - Something Strange is Happening with NASA's Voyager Spacecraft

If the tests give you consistent results You have a new understanding of the Universe and you realize that you only Understood a small part of a larger Whole NASA continues its exploration of space Recently the New Horizon spacecraft Unveiled new images of a colorful and Trippy Pluto then the James Wade Telescope discovered captivating Earth-like planets but with these Telescopes NASA has another option for Exploring space which is the Voyager Spacecraft as the Voyager spacecraft Journeys through the vast Interstellar Space transmitting data back to Earth Something strange is happening the Signal from Voyager 2 has ceased Altogether and a self-proclaimed UFO Enthusiast has suggested that Extraterrestrial beings may have Interfered with the spacecraft however Problem is that recently astronomers Found evidence of intense burning dust Storms in the space and according to Various scientists this storm created a Lot of problems for the Voyager Meanwhile the readings from the attitude Articulation and control system aacs of Voyager 1 do not match what is happening On the craft itself and NASA Engineers Are facing a puzzling challenge despite Being almost 45 years old and Beyond What mission plan is anticipated both

Spacecraft have managed to function well Beyond their expected Mission length but As the Voyager team faces new challenges One cannot help but wonder what might be Causing these stranger currencies well Let's explain why NASA's Voyager keeps Sending strange messages from space well The Voyager 2 spacecraft has been a Subject of Fascination and speculation Since it was launched with its mission To explore the outer reaches of our Solar system many people have wondered If the spacecraft might be sending us Messages from Alien civilizations while There is no evidence to support this Idea the Voyager 2 mission has still Provided us with valuable insights into The mysteries of our universe the Voyager 2's mission was to explore the Outer planets of our solar system it Passed by Jupiter in 1979 sat in 1981 Uranus in 1986 and finally Neptune in 1989. during its Journey the spacecraft Sent back standing images and data about These distant planets revealing their Unique features and characteristics Scientists attached a special golden Record player to each of the Voyager Spacecraft with the aim at sending a Message to any aliens that may come Across the spacecraft during its Journey Through the vast Interstellar space to Make the message as comprehensive as Possible the recording can take not only

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Pictures music and sounds from Earth but Also greetings in 55 different languages NASA approached Dr Carl Sagan a Professor at Cornell University to put Together a message for the Voyager Spacecraft's extraterrestrial greeting They gave him complete creative freedom To decide the format and content of the Message however due to the limited time Frame Sagan had to enlist the help of Others Linda Saltzman Sagan was Responsible for compiling the greetings As it was a straight launch scheduled to Follow the book murders of Earth by Carl Sagan and others documents the Fascinating story of how the Interstellar message came to be how However the book doesn't provide much Detail about the people who recorded the Messages most of the speakers were from Cornell University and its neighboring Aries they were given only one Instruction to create a short greeting That could be sent out to any possible Aliens that might come across it Voyager 2 which was intended to journey through Deep space transmitted a signal that Could be received on both Earth and in Outer space as a result it became the Fourth man-made object to exit our solar System and travel into the vast unknown Universe following in the footsteps of Pioneer 10 and 11 as well as Voyager 1. At that point in time it took over 13

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Hours for signals sent by Voyager 2 to Reach Earth due to the vast distance it Had traveled however on August 22nd 2010 These signals began to suffer from Distortion and over time eventually Ceased altogether the probe's Communication system which had been Functioning perfectly for several Decades suddenly began to malfunction Config holdstoff a self-proclaimed German UFO Enthusiast has suggested a Theory that extraterrestrial beings may Have interfered with Voyager 2 or Possibly even brought it aboard one of Their ships NASA Engineers immediately Began to investigate the cause of the Problem as you know recently a gas giant Planet similar to Jupiter has been Discovered by astronomers to have Evidence of Highly active dust storms Taking place in its upper atmosphere Marking the first instance of such a Phenomenon being observed in space this Discovery is notable and remarkable and So many think that these storms might Have been the reason of voyager's Malfunction but NASA scientists also Proposed that the source of the issue Might have been the spacecraft's On-board computer the computer had Experienced an error in his memory which Should cause it to incorrectly encode The data being sent back to Earth as a Result the signals sent by Voyager 2

Were no longer recognizable by the deep Space Network the network of antennas Used by NASA to communicate with Spacecraft in deep space space to fix The problem NASA Engineers had to send a Series of commands to the Voyager 2 Probe instructing it to switch to a Backup computer system this backup System had never been used before as the Primary computer had always been Functioning perfectly but it proved to Be a lifesaver in this situation as it Allowed the spacecraft to resume its Mission and send back data to Earth even More concerning is the recent Development related to Voyager 1. the Engineers who work with NASA's Voyager 1 Spacecraft are facing a puzzling Challenge despite functioning as Expected and following instructions from Earth while also transmitting scientific Data the readings from the spacecraft's Attitude articulation and control system At ACS do not match what is happening on The craft itself solving this mystery is Currently their goal the aacs is Responsible for managing the position of The Voyager 1 spacecraft which has been Around for 45 years one of its key Responsibilities is to ensure that the Spacecraft's High Gain antenna is always Pointed directly in Earth so the data Can be transmitted while everything Seems to indicate that the aacs is

Functioning correctly the data it is Sending back is not reliable sometimes The data seems completely random or it Shows situations that the aacs could not Possibly be in despite the problem with The aacs the spacecraft's protective Systems have not been activated These systems are designed to activate Safe mode and Carry Out only essential Tasks in order to provide the engineers With time to investigate an issue Additionally the signal from Voyager 1 Has not weakened indicating that the High Gain antenna is still pointed in The right direction towards Earth the Engineering team is closely monitoring The signal from Voyager 1 to try and Determine the root cause of the invalid Data they need to figure out if the Problem is with the aacs or another System that is involved in sending the Data back to Earth until they fully Understand the nature of the issue it is Hard to predict if the spacecraft will Be able to continue collecting and Transmitting scientific data for as long As previously anticipated Voyager 1 is Incredibly far away from Earth roughly 23.3 billion kilometers to be exact Since light can only travel so fast it Takes over 20 hours for a signal to Reach the spacecraft and an additional 20 hours for a response to come back to Earth despite the significant delay the

Team behind the mission is used to Working with this time lag a mystery Like this is sort of par for the course At this stage of the Voyager Mission Said Suzanne dot project manager for Voyager 1 and 2 at NASA's jet propulsion Laboratory in Southern California the Spacecraft are both almost 45 years old Which is far beyond what the mission Plan is anticipated we're also in Interstellar space a high radiation Environment that no spacecraft could Have flown in before So there are some big challenges for the Engineering team but I think if there's A way to solve this issue with the aacs Our team will find it Suzanne Dodd the Project manager for Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 and NASA's jet propulsion Laboratory acknowledged that the team May not be able to identify the root Cause of the problem and may instead Have to work around it however if the Team does manage to find the source of The issue they might be able to fix it Through software updates or by utilizing One of the spacecraft's backup hardware Systems the Voyager team has dealt with This type of problem before back in 2017 The primary thrusters on Voyager 1 began To deteriorate to overcome this the team Turned to another set of thrusters that Hadn't been used since the spacecraft's Early planetary missions remarkably

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These thrasters ended up functioning Well despite being unused for over 37 Years Voyager 1 has a twin spacecraft Voyager 2 which is currently 12.1 Billion miles 19.5 billion kilometers Away from Earth The Voyager spacecraft were launched Back in 1977 and have both surpassed the Expected length of their mission these Are also the only spacecraft to gather Data from Interstellar Space by plating This data they have helped scientists to Gain a greater understanding of the Heliosphere The Invisible Shield created By the sun around our solar systems Planets the data provided by the Voyager Missions has been essential in driving Advancements in our understanding of This area of space over time both Voyager spacecraft have been producing Less and less electrical power each year This has created limitations on the Number of systems that the spacecraft Can run to address this issue the Engineering team has turned off various Subsystems and heaters to conserve power For critical systems and scientific Instruments despite the power Constraints none of the scientific Instruments have been turned off yet and The Voyager team is striving to keep Both spacecraft running and continue Gathering important scientific data Beyond 2025 and NASA is spending many

Billions of dollars for space Exploration for example around 720 Million US Dollars was the overall Expense of the New Horizons Mission Which aimed to investigate Pluto but the Total cost of the Voyager program Including both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 Was about 865 million dollars at the Time of launch in the late 1970s in Today's dollars adjusted for inflation This is roughly equivalent to around 4 Billion dollars since the cost of the Program includes the development and Launch of both Voyager probes as well as Mission operations and data analysis it Is difficult to determine the exact Budget for Voyager 2 alone however it is Safe to assume that the cost would be Roughly half of the total Voyager Program budget or around 2 billion US Dollars in today's dollars as the Engineers work to figure out what's Causing the issue with Voyager 1 the Mission scientists will continue to Analyze the data gathered by the Spacecraft from its unique position in Space they will make the most of this Information and use it to gain further Insights into our solar system and The Wider universe as NASA said the team Will continue to monitor the signal Closely as it continues to determine Whether the invalid data is coming Directly from the aacs or another system

Involved in producing and sending Telemetry data until the nature of the Issue is better understood the team Cannot anticipate whether this might Affect how long the spacecraft can Collect and transmit science data that's It for today subscribe to our Channel And hit the notification Bell

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