Nikola Tesla – People Don’t Know about Lost Technology and the Great Pyramids

Nikola Tesla - People Don't Know about Lost Technology and the Great Pyramids

Many people don't know about Nikola Tesla's theory of Limitless energy and Their importance to the pyramids of Egypt according to Nicola Tesla ancient Egyptians had ancient power and Knowledge that allowed them to Manipulate physics and energy and this Knowledge allowed them to create a very Special technology for building pyramids With Limitless energy however this Technology was lost and Nikola Tesla Explained in detail what was this lost Technology and how powerful this Manipulation of energy and physics Really was according to Nikola Tesla This is proof that pyramids were built Before the Egyptian civilization and More importantly how powerful we as Humans will become if we finally figure Out this puzzle of manipulating physics Like the ancient Egyptians did well Let's analyze it the ancient pyramids in Egypt have always been a puzzle and is Only now that scientists are beginning To reveal the Hidden Truths they hold One of the biggest questions is how the Pyramids were built and what kind of Energy was used some people think that The pyramids were constructed by people Working with their hands but others Think that there may have been a Different unknown energy source involved For many centuries people have been Talking about the possibility of an

Unknown energy source being used to Build the pyramids in Old writings like The pyramid texts it says that the gods Gave us something to build a great power Which suggests there was some mysterious Power involved in the whole construction Process the outside of the Great Pyramid Was covered in a strong and smooth white Stone called two for Limestone the Blocks of white stone were fitted so Tightly together that you couldn't even Slide a razor blade between them this Particular type of limestone doesn't Have magnesium and can trap heat really Well this helped keep the electricity Inside the pyramid from escaping freely The stones used inside the pyramid were Made of a different kind of limestone That had crystals in it these crystals Were really good at conducting energy And there was also a bit of metal in the Limestone which helped with transmitting Power effectively the shafts inside the Pyramid were covered with granite a type Of rock that can conduct electricity and Has a small amount of radioactivity this Allowed the air inside the shafts to Become ionized if we observe an isolated Electric cable we could notice that it's Constructed similarly to the pyramids With both conducting and insulating Materials being used the pyramid's Ability to conduct and insulate is a Remarkable feat of engineering however

It's important to note that a source of Energy is required to generate Electricity the area where the pyramids Are located called the Giza Plateau has Underground water channels the pyramids Were built on top of layers of limestone And the spaces between these layers hold Water these unique Rock layers called Aquifiers have the ability to transmit Electricity upwards as they bring the Underground water to the surface the River Nile which flows through these Aquifiers with a strong current Generates an electric current this Phenomenon is known as physioelectricity Inside the pyramid there are underground Chambers made of granite that act as Conductors for the physioelectricity This current flows through the granite And is directed towards the upper part Of the pyramids subterrain Indian Chambers which are covered in Granite Granite is an excellent conductor of Electricity allowing it to efficiently Transmit the electric current how does The aquifier assist in transferring the Electromagnetic field across the ground A similar technology which was used in Egypt around 5000 years ago was also Employed by Nikola Tesla an early 1900s Inventor of electrical technology in a Tower he built in the United States of America Nikola Tesla an extraordinary Inventor possessed an intriguing site

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With a hidden enigmas an unknowns that Were beyond our imagination Tesla Conducted numerous peculiar experiments But he himself remained a mysterious Figure as the saying goes the finest Minds are always curious and this Certainly held true for Nikola Tesla in Addition to the ideas he put into action And officially protected with patents Tesla had numerous other interests in Different areas of research some of Which were quite unusual one of the most Intriguing aspects of his character was His fascination with Egyptian and Pyramids those mysterious and Awe-inspiring structures that have Captivated Humanity for ages Tesla Firmly believed that the Egyptian Pyramids held a deeper significance and Dedicated his life to studying them what Was it about these structures that Fascinated him he pondered the Possibility that there might be enormous Energy transmitters aligning with his Own investigations on wireless energy Transmission Nikola Tesla got really interested in The pyramids of Egypt a long time ago When he was young he read some books About these old buildings and got Amazed By the huge amount of energy they Appeared to have back then people didn't Know much about electricity and Tesla Started thinking about whether the

Pyramids had some secret advanced Technology he strongly believed that the Power of the pyramids had something to Do with electromagnetism so he spent a Lot of time and energy studying this Enigma during his research Tesla came up With a bunch of ideas about how the Pyramids might have worked he thought That the pyramids might have the ability To store and move electricity and he Believed that this energy could be used To provide power to the surrounding Areas Tesla also had a guess that the Pyramids were constructed using a Special type of energy from crystals he Thought that the chambers inside the Pyramids held strong crystals that were Used to control the electromagnetic Fields with that Tessa had a theory that The materials used to build the Great Pyramid had special qualities that Allowed them to absorb and retain energy From the Sun and the Moon he went as far As to propose that the pyramid might Have been intentionally designed to Create an energy field strong enough to Supply power to entire cities or Illuminate dark areas since Tesla shared His ideas about the pyramid's power Researchers and experts have been Examining and talking about them for a Long time although his theories have Caused debates they have had a big Impact on Modern pyramid studies and

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Have played a crucial role in unraveling Many of the secrets surrounding these Structures in 1905 when Nikola Tesla Filed a patent in the United States he Gave it the title the method of Transmitting electrical energy through The Earth's natural medium the pattern Included his blueprints for a worldwide System of generators that would harness Energy from the ionosphere Tesla had a Vision where he imagined the entire Earth with its two poles as a gigantic Electrical generator that could provide An endless amount of energy he referred To his triangular shaped design as the Electromagnetic pyramid according to Tesla the power of the Egyptian pyramids Was not only attributed to their shape But also to their specific placement to Harness the Earth's energy field he Constructed the Tesla experimental Station in Colorado Springs and the Warden Cliff Tower also known as Tesla Tower on the East Coast the selection of These locations was based on the Principles governing the construction of The Pyramids of Giza which involved the Relationship between the planet's Elliptical orbit and the equator Tesla Intended for these designs to enable Wireless transmission of energy Tesla The brilliant inventor behind important Electric Technologies like alternating Current electric engines radio lasers

And radar achieved a remarkable feat With his Warden Cliff Tower which was Constructed between 1901 and 1917. he Managed to transmit both sound and Pictures between continents at the same Time what's even more impressive is that He accomplished this without relying on An external power source and he even Implemented Wireless power transmission Technology Tesla also constructed his Tower above an aquifier and released the Negative ions from the aquifier into the Tower the electromagnetic technology Employed in Tesla's famous tower is Essentially the same as an Electromagnetic field created during the Construction of the pyramids both Systems generate negative ions and Transmit them without the use of Electrical cables the Egyptians use Electricity for what specific purposes The carvings on ancient Egyptian reliefs Provide clear evidence that they Utilized handheld bowel black lamps that Were powered by an electric Source Without the need for cables these bulbs Bear similarities to the ones described By Nikola Tesla to demonstrate the Safety of his alternating current in Fact at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair Tesla himself transmitted alternating Electric current through his own body to Light up a bulb that he held in his hand All without the use of electrical cables

This ancient carving displays an antenna Without any cables attached to it it Suggests that the Egyptians used Antennas and wireless energy for Communication purposes on the left side Of the carving there is a transmitter Depicted while on the right a receiver Is shown this evidence strongly suggests That the Egyptians made use of wireless Energy for their communication needs This carved image depicts a facility Where yarn was made during ancient Egyptian times Beyond produced by the Egyptians for their Fabrics was Incredibly fine comparable to the Quality produced by Modern Machinery Additionally the Egyptians employed Electric power in their weaving plants Upon close observation it becomes Apparent that numerous gold artifacts From ancient Egypt were actually finely Coated with a layer of gold achieving Such impeccable gold plating as seen on These objects necessitates the use of Electricity the electromagnetic Measurement taken around the grade Pyramid is similar to the measurement Taken during a thunderstorm with Lightning it indicates that presence of A strong electromagnetic field Surrounding the pyramid this can be Demonstrated through a simple experiment By standing at the top of the pyramid With a bottle wrapped in a damp cloth

Sparks can be observed flying away from The bottle giving the sensation of being Atop a high voltage coil traditionally The pyramids have been understood as Burial sites for the Pharaohs however Interestingly there are no inscriptions Of any kind found in the corridors of The Great Pyramid this absence of Inscriptions implies that the pyramid Served a practical purpose rather than Solely being a mausoleum in the central Part of the pyramid known as the king's Chamber archaeologists discovered an Empty Stone chest initially it was Believed that this chest once held the Pharaoh's coffin but it was later Determined to be empty with the Assumption that it had been stolen However upon examining the dimensions of The stone chest and its strategic Placement a different interpretation Arises the location aligned perfectly With the missing section of the Pyramid's conductive structure Suggesting a deliberate design choice if A superconductive material had been Placed here the pyramid could have Generated a significant amount of Electricity to power all of Egypt some Speculate that this superconductor may Have been the Ark of the Covenant which Was also known to have been present in Ancient Egypt and coincidentally fits Perfectly inside the stone chest

Historical records indicate that the Egyptian civilization experienced its Golden age during the time when Ramesses II and the prophet Moses lived however Shortly after Ramesses II's Reign those Civilizations faced a rapid decline a Collapse within a span of less than 10 Years even the city of Giza which was Once a thriving Center of civilization Was abandoned during that time it Remained deserted until a subsequent Dynasty chose to settle there we don't Really have much information about how The pyramids were built what they were Actually used for or if they really had Some kind of strong energy when we think About these things it's common to come Up with different theories involving Ancient Aliens according to Tesla he Said that he received a message from Aliens during the summer of 1899. this Happened when Tesla was alone in his Laboratory in Colorado Springs and Noticed some strange and repeating Signals later on Tesla described those Signals as numbers when he recorded Radio signals coming from outer space he Strongly believed that these signals Were actually attempts from beings on Venus or Mars to communicate with Around a year after that the American Red Cross approached Tesla and asked him What he thought would be the greatest Accomplishment of humanity in the

Following Century I recorded electrical Signals that seemed inexplicable they Were weak and almost invisible but they Deeply assured me that soon all the People in the world would look up into The sky the good news is that we finally Got a message from another world this Was Tessa's response in his article Tesla talked about the challenge of Wireless communication over long Distances he explained that using light As a means of communication was not Practical at all and he himself Recognized that Humanity needed a much More powerful source of energy than what Was currently available on the flip side Radio communication demands a lot less Energy making it more feasible to Implement in Practical terms when Tesla Was busy developing devices capable of Transmitting strong radio signals to Other planets he was also concurrently Working on devices that could receive Incoming signals addition he delved into Researching the potential of pyramids as Potent energy sources and transmitters I Will never forget that first feeling When I realized that I was observing Something immeasurably important for Humanity the feeling that I am the first To hear greetings from another planet is Constantly growing in me he said Tesla Who was born in what is now Croatia had An intense Obsession that manifested in

Various peculiar behaviors for instance He had a habit of walking around at any Building he entered three times and he Had a particular way of cleaning his Dishes using precisely 18 napkins when It came to staying in hotels he would Only choose rooms with numbers that were Divisible by three he had a habit of Calculating everyday things to ensure They were divisible by three believing That this would help him make the Correct choices essentially everything In his surroundings in one way or Another had a connection to multiples of Three certain theorists and historians Speculate that Tesla may have been Dealing with obsessive compulsive Disorder however could there be a more Enigmatic explanation behind his Behavior possibly linked to the Egyptian Pyramids Tesla strongly believed that These ancient structures held immense Energy within them as if they were Vessels from the distant past one thing That really fascinated Tesla was his Strong interest in numerology Tesla was A bit of an unusual person for many Reasons and he was especially fixated on Certain numbers like 3 6 and 9. he Firmly believed that these particular Numbers held significant importance and Were the key to unlocking something Special numerology played a significant Role in the fascination with pyramids

And everything in the universe maybe That's why he would walk around Buildings three times before going Inside and preferred staying in rooms With numbers divisible by three if we Take a look at the Great Pyramid in Giza Which is a crucial ancient Egyptian Monument we can observe that the three Pyramids are perfectly aligned with the Orion constellation what's more we can Identify another set of three smaller Pyramids leading us to imagine that the Ancient White individuals were familiar With triple and hexagonal patterns which They integrated into their sacred Structures it becomes evident that Tesla's fascination with the Egyptian Pyramids is not coincidental it stems From a profound connection to numerology The enigmas of the universe and Boundless Energy furthermore a lot of Fortunate people who managed to reach The highest point of the grade pyramid Have had interesting experiences they Felt a slight movement of energy a Tingling feeling in their arms and legs And sometimes even strong electric Shocks the measurements of the Electromagnetic field taken around the Gray pyramid are exactly the same as Those measured during a thunderstorm Currently it's against the law to climb To the top of the Great Pyramid but back In the 19th century a lucky German

Engineer named Sir William Siemens had The chance to do so when he reached the Highest point one of his guides noticed Something strange when Siemens raised His hand with his fingers spread apart He heard A peculiar noise like a High-pitched rattle then he raised his Index finger and built a slight tingling Sensation that started from his Fingertip and spread throughout his hand Excited by this experience Siemens Decided to take a sip of wine to Celebrate however when his lips touched The bottle he received an unexpected Electric shock Siemens believe that These interesting experiences were more Than just a coincidence to test his Theory he took away newspaper and Wrapped it around the wine bottle Turning it into a makeshift Laden jar Then he held this basic capacitor above His head and something amazing happened Sparks of electricity burst into the air One of the guides who was quite anxious Attempted to grab the bottle either to Ensure his experiment wasn't Disturbed Or as a natural instinct to protect Himself Siemens pointed the bottle Towards the agitated guide unfortunately The guide was thrown backwards and ended Up unconscious from the electric shock He received the pyramid has its own Electrical capability meaning it can Store a certain amount of electrical

Charge when too much charge builds up in The pyramid it releases the excess Through discharges at the top to Celebrate the beginning of the new Millennium the Egyptian government had a Plan to put a 9 meter triangle piece on Top of the Great Pyramid this plan was Intended as a symbolic gesture however On December the 16th 19 1899 the Government decided to cancel the plan For unknown reasons the team responsible For placing the triangular piece on top Of the Great Pyramid using a helicopter For assistance checked and confirmed That it wouldn't harm the structure However the authorities were concerned About the potential terrorist acts that Could be provoked by the addition on the Other hand some individuals have Speculated whether the Egyptian Government was worried that this could Reactivate the pyramid energy capacity Leading to the generation of wireless Electricity Graham Hancock is also well Known for his belief in Lost ancient Civilizations possessing Advanced Knowledge including Egypt Hancock's Interpretation of Tesla's Theory aligns With his belief in the superior Technological capability of ancient Civilizations he emphasizes that the Monumental structures like the pyramids Might have served purposes beyond the Spiritual or ceremonial particularly in

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Terms of harnessing Natural Energy According to Hancock the great pyramid's Construction and orientation with the Earth's magnetic fields and energy lines Also known as Ley lines may not be a Coincidence but a purposeful design He connects this with Tesla's idea of The Earth as a conductor of energy Leading to the possibility that the Pyramids could have been used as energy Receivers or generators Hancock proposes That the pyramids configuration their Alignment with the Earth's magnetic Fields and their construction materials Could all have been integral components Of a system to harness and possibly Transmit energy while Hancock's Interpretation of Tesla's theory is Fascinating it remains controversial Within the academic Community critics Often cite the lack of direct Archaeological evidence for such a Complex energy system in ancient Egypt The mainstream view holds that the Pyramids were primarily tubes and Monumental symbols of feronic power it Is worth noting that for a long time Scientists have been studying and Exploring some really groundbreaking Areas of science these include Fascinating Concepts like anti-gravity Sonic levitation and Zero Point Energy Unfortunately there are some scientists Nowadays who don't give these Concepts

The attention and respect they deserve They dismiss them as mere science Fiction however it's important for Scientists to remember the saying what Seemed like magic several centuries ago Is now science magnetism serves as a Perfect illustration of this when it Comes to scientific investigations about The pyramids one area that stands out is The study of electrical energy that Exists naturally on our planet Scientists have looked into ways to Capture store and harness these energy For various purposes Moreover back in 1979 Dr DJ Nelson and His wife decided to play around with a Tesla coil inside a pyramid-shaped Structure they used a little copper Pyramid to make this energy flow happen People have come up with many theories About this and based on that we can draw The following conclusions inside the Pyramid there are rooms beneath the Ground that were constructed using Granite a type of rock that carries Physioelectricity these electric Currents move upwards and go straight Into the inner chambers of the pyramid Which are also made of granite as we Mentioned before Granite is really good At conducting electricity when the Pyramid is built the electromagnetic Field is created at its base and this Energy is then transmitted in a focused

Manner to the upper layers of the Pyramid it is thought that the top of The Great Pyramid used to have a gold Cap in the shape of a pyramid gold was Chosen because it is a great conductor Of electricity however at some point in History the pyramid lost its original Shape and the gold cap was removed This gold cap served as a perfect Pathway for the transfer of negative Ions up into the ionosphere which Resulted in the generation of Wireless Electrical energy this is how the Electric current was created and Released in 2018 a bunch of Russian Scientists and researchers from itmo University in Saint Petersburg Russia And the laser zintram Hanover in Germany Published a comprehensive study and Theoretical investigation they looked Into how the Great Pyramid responds to Certain types of electromagnetic waves Specifically those with a length between 200 and 600 meters the scientists Conducted a study using physics to Explore how the Great Pyramid interacts With radio waves they found that when Certain conditions are met the pyramid Can actually gather electromagnetic Energy in its Chambers and beneath its Base Specifically the kings and queens Chambers are important in this process The researchers aim to use these

Findings to create tiny particles that Can mimic these effects in the visible Light range these particles could have Various applications such as improving Solar panels and creating Advanced Sensors the dendra temple is an ancient Egyptian Temple dedicated to the god Hatha it was built a long time ago and Is considered one of the most enigmatic Temples from that era the temple is Located around 2.5 kilometers away from Dendra and is well preserved Particularly in its Central Area one Peculiar feature of the temple is a Relief known as the light of dendra Which looks like an electric bulb lamp This depiction has puzzled experts and Raised many questions could it be Possible that thousands of years ago Before we started recording history Humans possess technology far more Advanced than we ever imagined according To experts the Egyptians were not the Only Society to make use of Wireless Electrical technology The Carving is made by the Maher in Assyrians on rocks also have pictures That indicate they use similar methods To build the pyramids this information Tells us once again that not all ancient Societies were simple as some followers Of Charles Darwin claim throughout History different communities with Varying levels of development have

Coexisted take the ancient Egyptians for Example they lived thousands of years Ago but had more advanced technology Than what we have in the 20th century They even had Wireless electrical energy Which was quite a Marvel this teaches us That technological progress doesn't Necessarily follow a linear evolutionary Process in other words when we look at The overall history of humanity there Isn't a straightforward progression from A Primitive civilization to a more Advanced one in terms of Technology Let's take a moment to think about Something simple yet important first It's essential to acknowledge that the People in ancient civilizations were Just as intelligent as we are today now Consider this natural electrical Phenomena existed back then too for Instance you know how our hair can stand On end when there are heavily charged Storm clouds above us do you really Believe that their brains didn't work The same way as ours and that they Didn't realize this electrical force Could be harnessed for their own benefit When we look at the incredible and Flawless structures left be designed by Civilizations like the mayor and Egyptians it becomes clear that their Level of technological advancement was Far greater than what we've been led to Believe by history books when we talk

About human evolution we're talking About changes that happen over millions Or hundreds of thousands of years but It's important to understand that the Capacity and intelligence of humans Thousands of years ago may not have been Any less than ours today technological Advancements are not limited to our Modern society or civilization the Egyptian civilization lasted for over Three thousand years and during that Time their technological progress Surpassed what our history books often Mention however we should take a moment To seriously think about why this Information is hidden or downplayed from Us the level of development in humans Doesn't necessarily align with their Evolutionary progress in simpler terms There isn't a straight path from A Primitive civilization to a more Advanced one throughout history maybe we Should acknowledge that every Civilization goes through a period of Prosperity that for various reasons Eventually disappears due to Catastrophic events or unpredictable Circumstances that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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