O’Leary & Tucker Carlson Reveal NYC Investors’ Boycott in the New York After Trump’s Fine is Big!

O'Leary & Tucker Carlson Reveal NYC Investors’ Boycott in the New York After Trump’s Fine is Big!

Tucker Carlson and Kevin o explained how Because of the investors boycott the Chaos in New York has gotten out of Control and how New York is beginning to Experience horrible results from this Investors boycott also Expos their ill Intentions and the horrible things they Have hidden for example one bad Consequence is that every day more and More investors are coming out and Declaring that they will never invest in New York and as we will show you Everyone is leaving the economy of New York is exposed and the situation with New projects products and consumer Experience has gotten far worse than you Could expect so let's explain how Kevin O and Tucker Carlson revealed that Investors boycott in New York showed us That Trump's fine was a bad decision so As you know a judge said on Friday that Donald Trump his sons their business Friends and their company have to give Over $450 million because they did some Bad business stuff and Donald Trump is Trying to fight a judge's decision this Decision by judge Arthur ener in the Beginning of this month was a big hit For Trump stopping him from leading any New York businesses for 3 years the Judge also said that independent people Need to watch over Trump's companies and Now that Trump has officially said he Wants to appeal the case will move to

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Another Court where he'll try to get rid Of the big fine and other punishments And few days ago Tucker Carlson came out On the channel Tucker Carlson Network And had a very interesting opinion on This problem according to Tucker This Legal battles damaged USA big and this Problem is bigger than Trump's fine That's why for example investors are Leaving the New York and the state is Collapsing because their ill intentions In New York got exposed Tucker Carlson Argued that the foundational freedom of Speech protected by the first amendment Is rapidly eroding in the United States Due to Modern censorship driven under The guise of combating disinformation And misinformation he emphasized that There is no hate speech exception to Free speech and the then current Censorship regime is fundament Ally Different from historical forms as it Operated under vague terms like Disinformation and misinformation which Are arbitrarily applied regardless of Truthfulness Carlson said a New York Judge's decision to censor Trump is a Disaster the New York got exposed and Investors are leaving today you can say Something that is factually accurate Inconsistent with your own conscience And in previous versions of America you Had an absolute right to say those Things but because someone doesn't like

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Them or because they're in convenient to Whatever plan the people in power have They can be denounced as disinformation And used against you entrepreneur and TV Personality Kevin oir criticized a New York judge's decision to fine former President Donald Trump $455 million Saying it's not fair and goes against American values oi known for being on Shark Tank disagreed with judge Arthur Enron's ruling saying it sets a Dangerous example for the real estate Industry and exposed New York in a very Bad way it's like saying every real Estate developer is guilty oi told the New York Post the judge's decision means Trump can't hold certain roles in New York for 3 years which o thinks is bad For Trump and for business in general Trump's Sons also got similar Punishments and smaller fines I don't See who got hurt every developer wants The best price for their buildings oi Said other Executives from the Trump Organization also can't hold certain Roles in New York for 3 years oi also Said that New York it all already has Been exposed as a loser State because of Its policies high taxes and strict rules That make it hard for businesses to Compete he wouldn't invest there and He's not the only one who thinks so it Was already on the top of the list of Being a loser State I would never invest

In New York now oi said and I'm not the Only person saying that and on Monday Afternoon Trump shared on his new social Media app truth social Kevin o is Awesome and speaks the truth companies Will leave New York because of the UN Fair judges decision and oir is not the Only one famous investors are saying They'll stop doing business in New York After a court ordered Donald Trump to Pay $355 million in a fraud case because They think that this decision exposed Ills side of New York Grant Cardone a Big real estate guy said his company Cardone Capital won't invest in New York Real estate anymore Kevin oir from shark Tanks said the same thing the day before Grant told his company to stop investing In New York right away he thinks it's Too too risky now because of recent Decisions by politicians he wants to Focus on places like Texas and Florida Instead and this boycott from investors Is a very dangerous situation for New York investors are crucial for new Projects and financial stability across The country and a boycott would disrupt The flow of essential building projects And Innovations this could lead to Shortages and price hikes for consumers Also it's important to point out that Investors have avoided going near New York City and boycott it way before Donald Trump fine this is because of

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Several reasons big companies from Wall Street are leaving New York City and Taking loads of money with them for 5 Years already around 160 of these Companies have moved out since 2019 Taking nearly $1 trillion in money they Manage they're leaving because of things Like high crime rates heavy taxes and The crazy expensive cost of living these Companies are tired of it so they're Going to places like Florida instead one Big company ien Capital Management run By billionaire Carl ien moved to Florida In August 2020 they now work from an Office close to Carl ik's fancy house in Indian Creek Village another company Elliot management run by Paul singer Moved from Midtown Manhattan to West Palm Beach Florida in October 2020 they Handle a lot of money around $9.2 Billion and they've been making big Changes to companies like AT and T and Twitter

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