Pierre Poilievre Reveals Why it’s time for Justin Trudeau to Resign And Roasts him

Pierre Poilievre Reveals Why it's time for Justin Trudeau to Resign And Roasts him

PV came out and had a very harsh Conversation to Canadian people about Why it's so important that Trudeau Resigns and how much damage Justin Trudeau is doing to Canadians every day Juv was honest and talked about current Reality economy is in a terrible Situation prices are up and with recent Decision from Justin Trudeau Canadians Are in a serious trouble and that's why He should resign what's even worse Trudeau didn't deny all of this and Acknowledges his horrible job with his Own words this was a strange and cringe Moment from Trudeau and PV roasted him For it it is a very interesting story Development so let's explain everything Pev just roasted Justin Trudeau for his Acknowledgement of how bad of a leader He is and how much damage he has done to Canada and why this is so important that Trudeau resigns pever exposed Trudeau's Horrible job by Trudeau's own words it Happened yesterday after the statement Made by Justin Trudeau which Acknowledged the economic challenges That young people faced particularly Concerning housing affordability And the increasing cost of living pever Shared this video on his channel and Titled it 8 years of Trudeau pointing Out how bad the situation is for Canadians because of the horrible job That Trudeau is doing Trudeau said maybe

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Young people want to start a family but They don't know how they can afford Something bigger than a one-bedroom Apartment and with the costs of Groceries monthly bills and all the Other realities of life going up up up Well that can make it hard to save for The future hard to get ahead and According to pever whose fault it is who Is a leader of Canada for 8 years all of This is Justin Trudeau's fault therefore As pever explains Trudeau has done a Horrible job and couldn't improve the Life of Canadians furthermore on March Of 28 PV had addressed Canadians from Manitoba and criticized Justin Trudeau For recent decisions in his talk Pierre PV criticized Justin Trudeau's Government and explained why it's Important that Trudeau resigns he blamed Trudeau for a bunch of problems that Made things more expensive less safe and Harder to find homes P ever started by Attacking a big tax increase by Trudeau And Jag meet Singh saying it would make The cost of living go way up this would Make it hard for people to buy things They need like food and a place to live He said this tax would be bad for older People businesses and Farmers it could Cause job losses push companies out of Canada and make us rely on more Expensive lower quality food from other Countries PV said just Trudeau is

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Imposing a tax hike that will make it Harder for people to eat heat and house Themselves this will force seniors to Choose between their medications and Filling their fridge with groceries Attacks that will kill jobs and drive Businesses out of our country to the United States these attacks will harm Our farmers and force us to buy more Expensive and less nutritious foreign Food rather than lower cost and higher Quality Canadian food moreover a few Days ago PV talked about the current Situation in Canada and how because of The recent decisions of Trudeau life of Canadians worsened and this process Continues every day and that's why Trudeau must resign PV blamed the Housing crisis and the doubling of Housing costs on Trudeau's policies over The last 8 years he shared stories about Young families struggling to afford Homes and suggested speeding up building Permits freeing up land and selling Government buildings to increase housing He also emphasized cutting unnecessary Government spending to reduce inflation And high living costs By limiting how much the government Spends and cutting waste he aims to Lower inflation and interest rates Making the economy more stable P Evra Said after 8 years with Trudeau in Charge money has been given to local

Government offices that stop homes from Being built my simple plan is to Encourage towns and cities to make it Faster and cheaper to get permission to Build houses we will also make more land Available for construction sell 6,000 Buildings owned by the government and Thousands of acres of land owned by the Government so we can create houses that People can afford to buy moreover on March 27th pever explained that even Though Trudeau says this nonsense the Budget cannot balance itself and because Of Trudeau's terrible decisions the Economy is getting worse every day and This is a very important reason why Trudeau must resign pev articulated a Vision focused on making life more Affordable for Canadians addressing Budget issues and enhancing Community Safety he highlighted the detrimental Impact of inflationary deficit on the Cost of living and interest rates Advocating for a cap on spending and a Reduction of waste to balance the budget And mitigate inflation and interest Rates emphasizing the need for safe Communities PV proposed implementing Jail not bail policies for repeat Violent offenders offering treatment Instead of more drugs to individuals Suffering from addiction and advocating For stronger borders rather than Restrictions on hunting rifles to

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Improve safety concerning Firearms pever Said we need to fix the budget Inflationary deficits drive up the cost Of living and the interest that we pay And we need to cap spending and cut Waste to balance the budget and bring Down inflation and interest rates we Need to bring those costs down in safe Communities and that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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