Pop Quiz! Do You Qualify for an Education Tax Credit?

Pop Quiz! Do You Qualify for an Education Tax Credit?

Class is in session! It’s time to 
learn how education tax credits   Can help pay for higher education. Visit 
irs.gov/education for more information. There are two education tax credits that can 
help offset the cost of higher education:   The American Opportunity Tax Credit 
and the Lifetime learning credit. These can help if you’re heading to college,   Getting specialized job training, 
or going to grad school. These two tax credits can 
cover your education costs   As well as your spouse's or dependents' costs. One way to find out if you qualify 
for either of these credits,   Is to use the Interactive Tax Assistant 
on the IRS website at irs.gov/ita. To be eligible to claim either of these credits,   You, your spouse or your dependent 
must have received a Form 1098-T from   An eligible educational institution. There are 
exceptions to this requirement for some students. To claim either credit, you must complete 
Form 8863 and file it with your tax return. For more information about 
these education tax credits,   Including eligibility rules for 
both, refer to irs.gov/education.

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