Putin’s Crazy Announcement – Israel’s response to Hamas attacks will “change the Middle East

Putin’s Crazy Announcement - Israel's response to Hamas attacks will "change the Middle East

President of Russia Vladimir Putin came Out and directly blamed USA for the war Between Israel and Hamas according to Putin all this is happening because USA Is weak also according to Tucker Carlson There is a giant threat for the whole World bigger than this war and they are Trying to hide it and it is time that we All know about this with that America Learned about 11 of its own citizens who Died and therefore now the situation Gets very scary because as you know the US government warned that if something Happened to Americans the US would Instantly react and take a different Measure so what is the USA's response to The situation and how bad has the Situation just got this is a very scary Situation so let's explain everything Putin believes the events underline the Shortcomings of American strategies in The area Putin said regrettably there's A noticeable decline in the Middle East Conditions I'm convinced many concur With my observation that it visibly Showcases the ineffectiveness of us Interventions in the Middle East the us Sought exclusive control over conflict Resolution yet sadly didn't prioritize Mutually agreeable Solutions instead it Pushed its unique perceptions on the Resolution influencing both parties Alternately without recognizing the core Rights of the Palestinian citizens

Russia has always had robust connections And defense agreements with Israel with Putin and Israel's prime minister Benjamin nanahu meeting multiple times The security of Israel is something we Value significantly said Putin however Ever since Putin initiated an allout war On Ukraine Moscow has leaned more Towards tan sacrificing its bond with Israel and intensifying its economic and Military association with Iran despite Tan's denials Kiev asserts that tan has Been supplying the Russian military with Numerous drones which Russia then Deploys against Ukrainian urban areas And Infrastructure Ukraine's leader Vladimir Zalinski believes moscow's Middle Eastern loyalty now leans more towards Iran amidst these crises we observe Russian propaganda and moscow's Iranian Counterparts openly backing forces Against Israel while Aaron notes that The Kremlin refutes Vladimir Lewinsky's Claims of stoking tensions between Israelis and Palestinians moscow's Former Chief Rabbi who left Russia Shortly after its aggressive move on Ukraine suggests Russia's waning support For Israel indicates a strain in their Relationship then Putin added it is Necessary to avoid the expansion of the Conflict at all cost because if it Happens it will have an impact on the

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International situation they need to Return to a negotiation process that Should be acceptable to all sides Including to the Palestinians on Wednesday the Kremlin Stated that Russia continues to see Itself as a nation capable of Contributing to conflict resolution Efforts on Tuesday the office of the Iraqi prime minister reported that Sudani appealed to Moscow and its Colleagues in the UN Security Council to Urgently intervene and halt the assaults On Palestinian regions Putin has Emphasized ized the importance of Establishing a Palestinian State as a Solution to the enduring turmoil he Contended that this recent conflict Underscores the inadequacy of us Diplomatic strategies in the Middle East Also Israel launched air strikes on the Gaza Strip in response to a surprise Attack by the Palestinian group Hamas Israeli leaders have decided to Completely block off the already cut off And poor Gaza Strip which means they Stopping the flow of food water and Electricity to the roughly 2 million People living there the recent M attack On Israel is the most extensive and Deadly one the country has faced in 50 Years according to the Israel Defense Forces over 900 Israelis have lost their Lives on the other side the Palestinian

Health Ministry reports that at least 687 people in Gaza and the West Bank Have died Hamas has captured over 100 Israeli civilians soldiers and people From other countries this has led the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to announce that his country Is now in a state of War Israel is Actively trying to rescue these hostages And has managed to regain control of Areas outside Gaza after about 2 days of Fighting the Israel Defense Forces have Reported hitting over 1,000 enemy Targets through air strikes on Gaza and Tucked Carlson released a video where he Addressed the situation in Israel According to Carlson he is worried and Wants to share something because there Is a bigger threat in this war than he Thought as Carlson said in his released Video the conflict between Israel and Hamas could escalate into a war between Israel and Iran and its allies and once It happens you can easily see the use of Nuclear weapons so according to Tucker This war can cause a nuclear war in the Whole world then Tucker added Millions Dead the collapse of the world economy a Worldwide catastrophe so according to Tucker Carlson everyone needs to be very Careful many people don't know that Hamas is a terrorist group supported by Iran and it has been in charge of the Gaza Strip since 2007 Gaza is a small

Piece of land about 140 sare mil where More than 2 Mill ion Palestinians live It's one of the most crowded places on Earth Iran's United Nations office has Rejected any connection between Tran and The surprise attack on Israel by the Hamas militant group this statement Comes amid a series of mixed claims as The unexpected attack raised suspicions About Iran's involvement due to its Historic support for Hamas and its goals Iran's mission to the United Nations Stated on October 9th that Iran strongly Supports Palestine according to them Iran isn't directly involved in the Actions taken by Palestinians in Response to the situation Palestinians Are making their own decisions regarding Their actions this is different from What gazi hammad a spokesperson for Hamas told the BBC he apparently said That the militant group received direct Support for the attack from Iran The Wall Street Journal stated that Iranian Security officials were involved in Planning and gave their approval for the Attack during a meeting in Beirut However three us officials told NBC news That they couldn't confirm the Information provided by The Wall Street Journal president President Joe Biden Has confirmed that at least 11 Americans Lost their lives in Israel he expressed His sadness in a statement released by

The White House mentioning that many of Them considered Israel a second home Regarding the hostages Biden mentioned That he has instructed his team to Collaborate closely with Israeli Officials on all aspects of the hostage Situation this includes sharing Information and sending experts from Various US government agencies to help And provide advice to the Israelis in Their efforts to recover the hostages Also Benjamin nanahu mentioned that he's Been talking a lot with US President Joe Biden after some unexpected attacks Happened over the weekend natano Expressed his gratitude to President Biden for the support the USA provides To Israel and he did this on behalf of All Israeli citizens he mentioned this In a brief speech on television the Leader of Israel also cautioned about The increasing spread of false Information propaganda and fake news as Tensions rise in the area he suggested The need for a government where everyone Works together to deal with the crisis He he also said that once the conflict Is over all our adversaries will realize It was a big mistake to attack Israel a Person from the National Security Agency Said that up until now the United States Hasn't noticed any big cyber attacks Happening in Israel following a series Of attacks over the weekend a

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Significant concern right now is whether There's a cyber aspect to these events According to Rob Joyce who advises on Cyber security to the head of the National Security Agency there isn't one As of now he mentioned this at a National security conference in Georgia Joyce also mentioned that the US Believes Israel might encounter a Cyber Attack in the future but he didn't Provide more information about it Israel Has called up 300,000 Reserve soldiers Which is the largest number it has ever Mobilized this move is part of their Plan to take action as explained by rear Admiral Daniel hagari a spokesperson for The Israeli Defense Forces during a Televised update he mentioned that they Are conducting searches in all Communities in clearing the area Emphasizing that they've never mobilized So many reservists on this level before For and that they are taking an Offensive approach earlier IDF Israeli Defense Forces officials had mentioned Their main aim was to regain control of Israeli land near the Gaza border before Launching a strong response in Gaza up To now Israel hasn't deployed ground Troops into that area but they have been Using air strikes against the densely Populated and blockaded region the large Number of reservists being called up has Led to some speculation about a

Potential ground Invasion but as of now No official announcement regarding this Has been made moreover while efforts to Rescue the hostages are ongoing there's Some hope for the families Fox News Digital has learned from sources that Qatar is involved in brokering Negotiations to free the innocent Israelis abducted by the terrorists even Though more than 700 people have Tragically lost their lives in Israel Many Israeli families are still very Worried they're trying to find their Missing loved ones who disappeared During the terrorist attack that Happened along Israel's border with Gaza When Fox News digital talked to most of The people they shared their concern Concerns they thought their family Members like moms dads kids and cousins Might be held by the terrorist group Hamas in Gaza Strip they got these ideas From pictures and videos that Hamas Posted on social media however they Haven't heard anything from Israeli Authorities or International Organizations about where their family Members are they all asked for help from Groups like The United Nations and the International Red Cross to get some Information about what happened to their Loved ones that's it for today subscribe To our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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