Residential Home Energy Tax Credits May Benefit You

Residential Home Energy Tax Credits May Benefit You

If you’re looking for ways to lower the amount of money you spend on energy bills, head over to You can learn about Home Energy Tax Credits. These credits can mean big tax savings When you make energy-efficient improvements around your house. You may be able to claim the Energy Efficient Home Improvement and Residential Clean Energy Property tax credits for the year you make qualifying improvements. Go to to compare the credits and decide whether they apply to Expenses you’ve already paid or will apply to improvements you’re planning. You can claim either credit for any year you had qualifying expenses. Homeowners improving a primary residence will find many opportunities to claim a credit for qualifying expenses. Renters may also be able to claim credits, As well as owners of second homes, as long as it’s used as your residence. Home improvements eligible for the Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit include Exterior doors, central air conditioners, windows, insulation materials, skylights, Furnaces, water heaters, hot water boilers, heat pumps, biomass stoves and biomass boilers. The maximum total annual energy efficient home improvement credit amount may be up to $3,200. Residential clean energy expenses eligible for a tax credit include Solar, wind and geothermal power generation, solar water heaters, fuel cells and battery storage. There’s no overall dollar limit for the Residential Clean Energy Property Credit. For more information about how home energy tax credits can benefit you, head over to

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