Resources for Indian Tribal Governments Are Available From the IRS

Resources for Indian Tribal Governments Are Available From the IRS

The IRS has tools to help tribes, their entities,   And members meet their federal tax obligations. 
These resources are all found at First, Publication 3908, Gaming Tax 
Law and Bank Secrecy Act Issues for   Indian Tribal Governments. This guide covers 
the federal tax responsibilities of tribal   Casinos. You’ll find information that applies 
to tribal casinos, such as: employment taxes,   Wagering excise taxes, information return 
reporting, and Bank Secrecy Act rules. Next, Publication 4268, Employment Tax for 
Indian Tribal Governments. This resource   Describes the tax treatment of payments 
to employees and contractors. It covers   How to prepare and file employment tax 
returns along with other related issues. There’s also Publication 5343, Helpful Hints 
for Indian Tribes and Tribal Entities to   Avoid Penalties on Federal Tax Deposits and 
Information Returns. This resource provides   Useful hints to help your tribe and entities 
address employment tax and information return   Penalties. It also includes tips for responding 
to penalty notices and avoiding future notices. Finally there’s Publication 5424, 
Income Tax Guide for Native American   Individuals and Sole Proprietors. 
It explains the tax treatment of   Certain income to Native American 
individuals and sole proprietors. You can find these publications along with other 
helpful resources on the Indian Tribal Governments   Website at Once there you can 
also subscribe to Indian Tribal Governments News.

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