Six Reasons Why You Should File Your Taxes Electronically

Six Reasons Why You Should File Your Taxes Electronically

The easiest way to file your 
taxes is electronically.  First, visit
Here are the top six reasons to choose e-file.  One, it’s easy. Tax software guides 
you through the filing process,   Asking questions to help you file a complete 
and accurate tax return and claim any credits   And deductions for which you qualify. It’s much 
easier than filling a paper tax return by mail.  Two, it’s free if your income falls within 
the qualifying thresholds through the IRS   Free File program. If you make more than 
the income limits, use Free File Fillable   Forms. Many taxpayers may also qualify to have 
their taxes prepared and filed electronically   For free through the IRS volunteer programs.
Three, it’s convenient. You can e-file from   Your home computer or mobile device or ask your 
tax preparer to e-file your tax return for you.  Four, it’s safe and secure. The IRS uses   Modern encryption technology to 
protect you from identity theft.  Five, by filing electronically and choosing 
direct deposit you’ll get your refund faster,   Usually in less than 21 days, much 
faster than waiting for a paper check.  Six, you can make an electronic 
payment when you file electronically.  If you owe taxes, you can electronically file 
early and schedule an automatic payment from your   Bank account on any day up to and including 
the filing deadline. You can also schedule   An electronic payment using IRS Direct Pay.
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