Tax Credits for Used Clean Vehicles

Tax Credits for Used Clean Vehicles

If you buy a qualified used electric vehicle or fuel cell vehicle From a licensed dealer for 25,000 dollars or less, You may be eligible for a used clean vehicle tax credit. The credit equals 30 percent of the sales price, Up to a maximum of 4,000 dollars. If you purchased your vehicle before 2023, you don't qualify. To qualify for the tax credit: The vehicle must be purchased for your own use and not for resale. As the buyer, you can’t: Be the original owner of the vehicle. Be claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return Or have claimed another used clean vehicle credit Credit in the 3 years before the purchase date. Income limitations also apply. Some of the qualifications for the vehicle include: A battery capacity of at least 7 kilowatt hours. A gross vehicle weight rating of less than 14,000 pounds. Sales price before credit of 25,000 dollars or less. And the dealer must report the sale – With the buyer’s Taxpayer Identification Number To the IRS. To learn more about this credit and which clean vehicles qualify for it, Visit

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