The Mistake Has Been Fixed but FAA might Delay Next Starship launch for 7 Months – Elon Musk

The Mistake Has Been Fixed but FAA might Delay Next Starship launch for 7 Months - Elon Musk

Elon Musk surprised Everyone by sharing His insights about the mistakes that Have been made with the Starship rocket Launch musk also announced that the Mistakes have been fixed and spacex's Third Starship vehicle will be ready for Starship launch very soon before Christmas however the Federal Aviation Administration got in the way and Because of that the next launch might be Delayed up to 7 months and this is very Annoying with that Elon Musk announced New giant projects with SpaceX after a Starship rocket was destroyed mid-flight With these plans in SpaceX space Exploration is becoming very exciting This is very exciting news so let's Explain everything as you know on Saturday SpaceX conducted its second Starship rocket test marking significant Advancements in the development of this Large-scale vehicle the launch which Took place at 8:00 a.m ET from spacex's Texas facility saw the Starship rocket In flight for over 7 Minutes during this Time it successfully detached from its Booster but was intentionally destroyed Mid-flight by the Rockets onboard system This test flight was unmanned John Insprucker spacex's principal Integration engineer noted during the Broadcast that there was some mistake They lost data from the second stage of The flight he believes that the

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Automated flight termination system of The second stage was activated late in The flight this system a common safety Feature in Rockets is designed to Destroy the vehicle if it encounters any Issues or deviates from its course the Starship was detonated at an approximate Altitude of 148 km which is near nearly Half the altitude of the International Space Station orbit the destruction of Starship was not part of the original Test plan SpaceX intended for the Vehicle to orbit most of the earth Before re-entering the atmosphere and Landing in the sea near Kawai Hawaii Despite the early termination Kate Ty Spacex's quality engineering manager Described the test as incredibly Successful though it ended in what she Referred to as a rapid unscheduled Disassembly of both the super heavy Booster and the ship the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed it Would conduct a mishap investigation Into the flight which is a standard Procedure before SpaceX can proceed with Another Starship launch these Investigations help the FAA determine The cause of a launch failure what Mistakes have been made particularly When a vehicle is destroyed and may Result in the FAA issuing corrective Actions to SpaceX before granting a License for future launches the FAA

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Stated there were no injuries or damage To public property reported following The launch NASA administrator Bill Nelson praised SpaceX for the progress Made in this flight test emphasizing That space flight is a daring Venture That requires a spirit of boldness and Innovation he viewed the test as a Learning opportunity to fix mistakes Improve and prepare for future flights And so Elon Musk CEO and founder of SpaceX announced on X that they are Fixing all mistakes and spacex's thirdd Starship vehicle is expected to be ready For launch in about 3 to 4 weeks this Timeline suggests the vehicle could be Technically prepared Before Christmas However there's no certainty that it Will receive clearance for launch by Then as SpaceX is still awaiting a Launch license from the US Federal Aviation Administration despite these Setbacks the second flight of Starship Did achiev several key Milestones Notably it successfully completed stage Separation which had not happened during Its first test flight in April the Initial test ended Just 4 minutes after Launch with a controlled destruction of The Starship as it lost control Furthermore while several of the super Heavy's 33 Raptor engines failed Prematurely during the April flight all Engines functioned correctly for their

Intended duration in the recent flight Another Improvement observed was the Condition of star base's orbital launch Mount which remained intact this time Unlike in April when the launch caused Significant damage to the area beneath It following the Starship flight on April 20th Elon Musk initially predicted That SpaceX would be prepared for Another Starship launch within 6 to 8 Weeks however the process took Significantly longer than anticipated FAA only issued a launch license on November 15th after completing an Investigation into the April explosion Along with a safety review and Environmental assessment the duration of The faa's investigation into the most Recent Saturday flight remains uncertain As it has just commenced yet considering The advancements made in the second Flight compared to the first it seems Unlikely that there will be another 7-month delay before the next Starship Launch SpaceX appears appears to be Preparing for a more frequent schedule Of test flights musk noted in a recent Sunday post on X that there are three Ships in final production in the star Base High Bay visible from the highway Indicating active preparations for Upcoming launches then musk posted a Very beautiful video which he commented On as a slow motion tracking shot of

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Super Heavy's 33 Raptor engines shortly After liftoff and that's it for today Subscribe to our Channel and hit the Notification Bell

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