The U.S. Navy Just Admitted They’ve Created Something So Advanced It Can’t Be Stopped

The U.S. Navy Just Admitted They've Created Something So Advanced It Can't Be Stopped

As you know a few days ago Elon Musk Came out and warned that after the Latest developments between Russia and Ukraine the risks of World War III are Higher than ever before Elon also Explained how the Ukraine betrayed him And because of that he stopped providing The same amount of internet support to Ukraine well another side of this story Is that the US government Was preparing For World War III big war as Putin Called it for many years already and They have spent billions of dollars in The military project and so finally the U.S Navy created something so dangerous That nothing can stop it this war with Horrifying technology of massive Destruction is Unstoppable and might Result in worldwide horrifying results This is a very scary situation so let's Explain it according to the program Executive officer for integrated Warfare Systems the Navy have recently installed The fourth and fifth dazzler systems and They have also started conducting tests On a high energy laser weapon on land The Navy has been working on a program Called Odin which focuses on creating a Non-lethal weapon called the optical Dazzling interdictor this weapon is Designed to confuse drones instead of Shooting them down Odin will be Incorporated into the Helios program Which Lockheed Martin has been

Developing since 2018. the Helios Program combined high energy Laser Technology with an integrated Optical Dazzler and surveillance system rear Admiral Seiko akano stated in an Interview with usni news that Odin Stands out because it is a System Created built tested and installed by The government this unique aspect Enabled them to move swiftly and fulfill The Urgent requirements expressed by the Fleet according to rear Admiral Seiko Okano Odin has already been installed on Three Ali Burke class guided missile Destroyers additionally two more Destroyers will have Odin installed this Year followed by three more in the Future in total eight ddgs will have Odin which will be utilized for testing Purposes during their trading and Operations she expressed that the Navy Is Keen on having the Odin capability For the entire fleet this capability Allows them to counter the activities of Adversary drones involved in Intelligence surveillance and Reconnaissance operations instead of Destroying these drones the Navy can use A non-lethal dazzler to deter them However she mentioned that the current Design of Odin would not be the ultimate Tool deployed extensively across the Fleet the testing conducted on the eight Destroyers aims to verify the

Effectiveness of the entire operational Process this includes the Sailor Detecting an unmanned aerial vehicle UAV Targeting it with a dazzler and Rendering the UA for useless once its Capability is Thoroughly tested and Proven it will be incorporated into the Helios program as the designated Optical Dazzler component according to akano the Navy's Odin team is actively working Together with Lockheed Martin Taylor's Team to ensure a seamless transfer of Technology regarding the laser weapon Aspect of Helios okano mentioned that The land-based testing has already Commenced and will soon be installed on The Destroyer USS Preble ddg 88 unlike Odin which is an additional capability That can be attached to the ship Helios Is designed to be fully integrated into The combat system of the ship this Integration process is more complex and Challenging but it also makes Helios More capable and effective the purpose Of lab-based testing is to ensure that The integration with the ship's combat System is functioning properly and to Address any issues or problems at an Early stage it also aims to verify that The laser itself meets the required Specifications and performance standards After the installation of hedias on the Preble there will be significant tasks Ahead to make sure that the system is

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User friendly for Sailors and can Withstand the challenging conditions of Maritime operations the focus will be on Refining the system to ensure ease of Use and enhancing its durability to Withstand the demanding Maritime Environment akano mentioned that Land-based testing is always beneficial And helps identify many potential issues However ship-based testing poses its own Set of challenges according to okano the Major hurdles during ship integration Involve truly comprehending what it Entails ensuring the laser is ruggedized Enough to withstand the specific Maritime environment which cannot be Fully tested on land and guaranteeing The sailors are well trained in Operating the system therefore in Addition to the ongoing land-based Testing the Navy's looking forward to Learning valuable lessons from the Testing conducted on Preble particularly Regarding ship integration ruggedization And sailor training when asked about the Potential of Helios becoming the primary Detected energy system for the fleet in The future akano mentioned that it is Still uncertain at this point the Decision will largely depend on the Results of upcoming testing particularly In terms of how effective and Powerful The laser beam proves to be akano also Explained that the objective is to

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Develop a directed Energy System Specifically designed to counter Anti-ship cruise missiles the system Aims to provide an additional defensive Capability to conserve the vertical Launching system resources on board for Critical needs the idea is to expand the Ship's Arsenal with various weapon Systems that can effectively protect the Ship against anti-ship Crews missiles This is the ultimate goal they are Striving for however akano emphasized That there is still testing that needs To be conducted to determine whether Helios meets the necessary requirements To fulfill this objective good news is That the Navy is receiving extensive Support from the research and Development Community as well as from Other military branches they are Collaboratively addressing the Challenges associated with high power Laser weapons akano stated that the Navy's progressing naturally towards its Goal by enhancing the capabilities of Directed energy systems through each new Product tested however it remains Uncertain whether Helios can fully Achieve the desired cruise missile Defense capability for the entire fleet Or if it will serve as an intermediate Step towards the ultimate vision Now the primary focus is to determine The effectiveness and destructive power

Of the system they cannot ascertain its Lethality until it undergoes testing Simultaneously they are also exploring The next steps in directed energy Technology the current directed Energy Systems have three main objectives Countering intelligence surveillance and Reconnaissance ISR shooting down Unmanned aerial vehicles uavs and Disabling small boats this represents The current stage of their progress the Goal is to understand the full range of Lethality and ultimately achieve the Capability to defend against anti-ship Cruise missiles furthermore according to The highest ranking officer in the U.S Navy they are working on creating Special Energy Systems to protect Themselves from Hypersonic missiles He expressed worry about the progress That Russia and China have made in Developing Hypersonic weapons Considering it a major cause for concern Admiral Michael gilday the head of the U.S Navy mentioned that one of their Main goals is to create Advanced systems That can use strong lasers or powerful Microwaves to destroy potential threats He emphasized that they are actively Addressing the defense aspect and not Disregarding the threat at hand this Priority was highlighted by Admiral Gilday during an event at the Heritage Foundation Hypersonic missiles are a

Special kind of challenge for the U.S Defense systems because they move at Speeds five times faster than sound or Even faster Unlike regular missiles they don't Follow predictable paths like ballistic Missiles this makes it extremely tough To detect and intercept them making the Task even more difficult for the defense Systems gilde pointed out that Russia And China have made significant progress In developing Hypersonic weapons which Is a cause for worry he mentioned that Both countries are actively working on These capabilities and will likely have Them ready for use in the near future During the conflict in Ukraine Russia Deployed its Hypersonic kinzar missile While China conducted a test of a Hypersonic Glide vehicle in the previous Year to protect against Hypersonic Weapons one possible approach is the use Of directed Energy Systems these systems Utilize lasers or microwave devices to Either destroy the Target or interfere With his electronic components last year The Navy equipped the USS Preble with Lockheed Martin's Helios laser system it Is important to note that Helios which Stands for high energy laser with Integrated Optical dazzler and Surveillance is the newest addition to The Navy's ongoing efforts to deploy Advanced and effective laser weapons for

Defense purposes Heidi shayu the under Secretary of defense for research and Engineering has highlighted the Significance of directed Energy Systems As a critical technology for the defense Department while in the past the idea of Using lasers or microwave emitters to Destroy targets seem like something out Of Science Fiction show you explained That the technology has now reached a Point of maturity where it can be Actively used by the military back in 2014 the Navy conducted a successful Test and deployment of a laser weapon System on the USS Ponce which was Stationed in the Persian Gulf the system Had the ability to Target and engage Drones small aircraft and small boats in The following year the Navy went on to Test a more advanced laser system on the USS Portland the United States is Currently engaged in testing various Hypersonic systems but the progress has Been hindered by a number of testing Failures that cause delays one such System is the air-launched rapid Response weapon also known as arrw it Faced three consecutive failures during Testing before finally achieving success According to the Pentagon a test of the Common Hypersonic blind body did not go As planned due to an unexpected issue During the initial test of the complete System this was the second setback for

The common Hypersonic Glide body which Is a collaborative project between the Navy and Army in a previous test the Booster rocket malfunctioned and caused The test to end prematurely as a result Without a functioning booster rocket the Pentagon was unable to proceed with Further testing of the common Hypersonic Glide body however gilde expressed that Despite the challenges the military Branches remain dedicated to the Program's success the Army is scheduled To be the first to deploy the missile in The coming year followed by the Navy's Plan to equip destroyers with the Missile by 2025 and fast attack Submarines by 2028. moreover Lockheed Martin a big company that specializes in Defense recently said that it gave the Department of Defense a really powerful Laser This laser which they made for a project Called Helsey was given to the office of The under secretary for defense for Research and Engineering Ousd recently it has been in Huntsville Alabama with the Army where they're Testing it more the laser pod is made to Be put into laser weapons on vehicles or Ships Richard cordaro who is vice President at Lockheed Martin said during A meeting with the media that delivering This laser is another important Milestone it shows that these systems

Are ready to be used in the field to Help our soldiers they can be used Alongside other types of weapons to Protect against different kinds of Threats like rockets artillery mortars Cruise missiles unmanned aerial vehicles Uavs and small ships ever since the United States began working on these Systems in the 2010s the main idea Behind modern high power lasers which The military calls directed energy Weapons is that they can efficiently Destroy various types of enemy Projectiles the concept is that a laser Weapon installed on a ship for instance Could easily Target and neutralize Anything from a cheap drone to an Expensive cruise missile and each shot Of the laser would be relatively Inexpensive in Huntsville the Army is Going to test the Helsey laser as part Of a larger indirect fires protection Capability high energy laser ifpc hell Program this program is aimed at finding A weapon that is both affordable and Effective against low-cost threats it Will be used to protect various types of Locations including bases and artillery Positions the laser is also expected to Be able to handle more dangerous threats So it can deal with cheap weapons like Rockets but can it also take down Expensive and highly dangerous weapons Like cruise missiles a complete laser

Weapon system consists of different Parts including a power supply a focus Beam of light energy senses to aim and Follow targets and usually a vehicle to Move everything around when used on the Ground Healthy on the other hand is Specifically the laser part of this System what makes it special is that it Combines multiple lasers together to Create a more powerful effect We sort of describe it as the cover of The Pink Floyd album where you see the Light coming in white light and then Splitting off into the different Spectrums of color said cordaro Referencing the iconic Dark Side of the Moon cover well it's going to do that in Reverse where we take the different Spectrum elements and combine them into One high energy beam in order to create The beam the laser system requires Electricity the typical method to Generate the necessary electrical power For a 300 kilowatt beam is through the Use of batteries although generators or Other sources of electric power could Also be used Ray smoke turbot a business Development lead at Lockheed Martin Mentioned that the company has a track Record of producing lasers with an Electrical efficiency of more than 30 Percent this gives us a general idea of How much electrical power is required to

Generate 300 kilowatts of optical power Output to increase the power of a laser There are two main approaches increasing The number of channels or individual Beams that contribute to the combined Laser and increasing in the power of Each of those channels it's also Possible to do both at the same time to Achieve even greater laser power McDermott explained that their approach Involved combining more individual Lasers into a single 300 kilowatt class Laser using spectral beam combination SBC technology they also increase the Power of each Channel by having multiple Channels they have the flexibility to Adjust the power for different Engagements for instance if they want to Maximize the number of shots available They may not use full power for each Shot this allows them to have a greater Capacity for engagement without Exhausting their resources too quickly a Healthy laser has the capability to Deliver full force when engaging at a Tough Target such as a cruise missile or Small ship on the other hand it can also Apply just the right amount of force Needed when dealing with smaller targets Like drones or artillery rent This flexibility allows for efficient Power usage by adjusting the laser Strength according to the specific Target maximizing Effectiveness while

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Conserving power Although the healthy laser hasn't been Able to destroy a flying object during Testing yet Lockheed Martin's Helios Laser which is a different system Successfully used its 60 kilowatts of Power to destroy drones simulating Cruise missiles in a test conducted at White Sands the Helios laser has been Deployed on the USS Preble Destroyer Where it could potentially defend the Ship against threats encountered at Sea Additionally there are other ongoing Develops in laser Weaponry including a Laser-equipped truck designed to Target Drones while being heavily protected What's more the Navy has plans to Replace its current Destroyer Fleet with Laser arm destroyers in the future According to McDermott the increase in Power of a laser follows a fairly Consistent pattern assuming the target Type range and atmospheric conditions Remain the same in simple terms this Means that the 300 kilowatt LC laser has The potential to destroy targets Approximately five times faster compared To the Helios laser once laser weapons Like this are available they have the Potential to provide Soldiers and Sailors with an additional layer of Protection these lasers can utilize Stored battery power to eliminate Threats coming from the sky it's

Important to note that laser weapons Alone cannot completely prevent attacks But they can create a temporary safe Zone by neutralizing incoming threats This allows other weapons such as Mortars or artillery to retaliate Against the attackers during this Protected period this could potentially Shift the balance of artillery conflicts In favor of the side equipped with laser Technology when it comes to defense There are usually two types of laser Beams that are commonly used the first Type is called Spectrum beams which are Made up of a combination of fiber lasers Like the ones used in fiber Communications the second type is Distributed gain which involves a series Of slabs that sequentially project Energy initially these lasers would Developed for industrial purposes such As cutting and Welding using fiber Lasers there are two main way is to Differentiate between these components But there are also other ways to Categorize them the broader category is Called directed energy which includes Lasers and is known as high energy Weaponry it can also include Electromagnetic weapons which some People refer to as RF and microwave Sources used as Weapons these weapons Are particularly effective when used Non-lethally against individuals a

Hypothetical weapon called a particle Beam and weapons that use sound are Examples of high energy Weaponry while There is a lot of speculation about this Topic in general there are some signs That laser guns could become more Commonly used in the future Lockheed Martin has developed a device called a Spectrally beam combined fiber laser Which is a compact powerful and highly Precise laser these lasers can be Powered using batteries generators or Other power sources that are already Available these weapons Focus multiple Kilowatt fiber lasers into one strong And precise Beam by using special Optics And software algorithms the energy of The beam can be adjusted to counter the Effects of the atmosphere as it travels Through mirrors lenses and windows to Reach its Target this beam has the power To destroy a rubber boat disable a truck Engine and take down a drone without Being affected by factors like gravity And wind if necessary these weapons can Remain completely concealed according to Sarah Reeves who is the vice president Of missile defense programs at Lockheed Martin the laser light used in these Weapons is invisible which means you Cannot actually see it the enemy Wouldn't know where the laser is coming From so they wouldn't be able to Target Back of course lasers travel at the

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