Trump Reveals the Fine in the New York Showed the US Needs to Adapt to Everything or He’ll Be Jailed

Trump Reveals the Fine in the New York Showed the US Needs to Adapt to Everything or He'll Be Jailed

Trump reveals that fines from New York And other states are getting out of Control and we need to adapt to Everything because now Trump is Beginning to experience horrible results From this this fine exposed lies and Horrible things they are hiding and why We need to rebuild our trust in our Government agencies for example one bad Consequence of this fine is that Donald Trump might go to jail but for how long And will he be able to vote from jail Will he even be able to participate as a Presidential candidate well lawyers came Out and explained this whole process and The facts the situation is mindboggling This is a completely new chapter in a Whole legal system that has never been Seen as Trump reveals the fine in New York showed the USA needs to adapt to Everything or he will be jailed because The situation is very chaotic this is a Very tense story development so let's Explain everything so as you all know on Friday a judge in charge of a court case About business cheating involving Donald Trump find Trump his sons their work Partners and their company to pay over $350 million they also got a temporary Ban on doing some business activities in New York judge Arthur engeron told Trump And his company the Trump organization To pay more than $354 million he also said Trump can't be

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A leader or have a high position in any New York company or Organization for 3 Years including his own company and it's Interesting to point out that on Wednesday a court in New York decided Not to freeze the Judgment in Trump's Legal case This decision means that the former President must soon secure a large Amount of money hundreds of millions of Dollars as a guarantee judge Anil Singh Chose not to specify how much money must Be guaranteed making Trump have to Provide a guarantee for the entire Amount of $454 million the lawyers argued that Without stopping the Court's decision They might have to sell properties Quickly to get money if Trump wins the Case later on appeal they wouldn't be Able to get back any sold Properties or The money lost from selling them under Under Pressure according to the attorney General however judge Singh did stop the Part of the decision that would have Stopped Trump and his sons from managing Their family business for a few years This means that for now Donald Trump Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump can still Run the Trump organization Trump can Still try to overturn the decision he Has two chances to appeal first he can Go to a group of judges in New York's Appet division first Department next

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Month if that doesn't work he can try Again with New York's court of appeals And and so now the main question is what Will be the eventual consequence of this Fine will Donald Trump somehow overcome This fine or will he go to jail well Right now Trump doesn't have any big Limits on his campaign however some Legal cases against him might finish Before the next election the laws and The Constitution only give Clear Solutions for some of the problems that Could come up if he's found guilty some Situations could lead to completely new Challenges for the country as well as The whole legal system and it would be Up to federal judges to make some very Important decisions the Constitution Only has a few rules for who can be President you have to be at least 35 Years old born in the US and have lived In the US for at least 14 years it Doesn't matter if you have a criminal Record or what kind of person you are While some states don't let people with Felony convictions run for local or State office these rules don't stop Anyone from running for federal Positions the Republican and Democratic Parties are always included in the General election ballots in every state And they decide whose name goes on the Ballot although States could technically Try to block someone like Trump from

Being on the ballot by making laws that Require a clean criminal record such Laws would likely face legal challenges And this brings up to the main question Could the former president end up in Jail Trump is facing 91 charges that Could add up to 700 years in prison Across many different accusations of Varying seriousness of course it's not Expected that Trump will spend his life In prison but the growing number of Charges against him is making it harder For him to avoid spending any time in in Jail at all a decision on February 6th By a higher court that he can't avoid Being charged for crimes he might have Done while President has made it more Difficult for him to dodge these legal Troubles it's tough to predict but it's Obvious that things are getting tougher For Donald Trump day by day there's also The question of how long Trump can Afford expensive legal defenses in all Four cases considering the huge amount Of money needed for four major criminal Defense trials so in simple terms yes It's possible he might go to jail also Clark Neely from the KO Institute a Research group told fact Che that Technically the law applies to everyone In the country including past presidents But sending a former president to jail Would be very complicated Neely points Out there would be big issues like

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Making sure he is safe which make it Almost impossible to think a former President would go to jail unless he did Something very bad like treason or Murder Neely believes it's more likely That a former president would just be Kept at home instead of going to jail Especially for smaller legal s like the Ones Trump is dealing with now and being Found guilty of a crime wouldn't stop Trump from running for president again Or from being president again people Generally agree a current president Can't be taken to court for crimes so if Donald Trump becomes president again any Criminal cases against him would Probably be paused or if they are Federal cases possibly dropped as for The question of whether Trump could Pardon himself if he becomes president Again it's a big question that even Experts in law can't agree on

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