Trump’s Crazy Revelation about Israel’s Prime Minister

Trump's Crazy Revelation about Israel's Prime Minister

Donald Trump clashes with Israel's prime Minister in a crazy turn of events Strange things are happening an Unprecedented Rift between two political Powerhouses Trump's claim that nanahu Had let the us down in a critical moment Coupled with remarks about Israeli Intelligence left the world stunned to This criticism Trump got a harsh Response from Israel Dan santis and Other politicians but in the end with a New statement that Trump released he Assures that he supports Israel in this War and there are a lot of lies about Him and he just wants to avoid a global Catastrophe and end this war but there's More Robert dairo called Trump evil and Trump responded by saying that dairo is The most overrated actor in history this Is a very interesting situation so let's Explain everything in a political rally On October 11th former US president Donald Trump strongly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this came shortly after the Terrorist group Hamas launched fatal Attacks on Israel Trump speaking Speaking in West Palm Beach took issue With netanyahu's decision to backtrack On assisting the US in the killing of Iran's top security and intelligence Commander Major General kasim sulimani In 2020 although Trump claimed he Received a call informing him that

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Israel would not participate in the Drone strike the US proceeded anyway Trump expressed his disappointment Stating but I'll never forget that BB Nanahu let us down that was a very Terrible thing Trump did not spare Israeli intelligence from criticism as Well blaming them for failing to prevent The large scale and devastating attack By Hamas he insisted that they needed to Address these issues however Trump made It clear that he would fully support Israel in its conflict with Hamas Trump's rally in Florida which has a Significant Jewish voter population Prominently featured his comments on Israel's attacks along with blaming the Biden Administration for the assault on The Middle Eastern nation this is not The first time Trump has expressed Disapproval of prime minister Netanyahu He previously criticized him for Congratulating president Biden after the 2020 election in a forthcoming interview With Fox News Radio Trump continued to Voice his criticism claiming that nanahu And Israel were ill-prepared and Reiterating his belief that Israeli Intelligence had failed Florida Governor Ron de santis who is a rival of trump Within the GOP criticized Trump's attack On nanahu in a post DeSantis expressed His disagreement stating that terrorists Had killed numerous Israelis and

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Americans and were holding more hostage He found it absurd that anyone Especially a presidential candidate Would choose this moment to attack Israel furthermore in response Israeli Communications Minister schlom moari Denounced Trump's statements Characterizing them as damaging and Untrustworthy he expressed his dismay That a former US president would engage In propaganda and spread information That hurt the morale of Israel's Fighters and its citizens then in Response Trump released a statement Asserting that there was no greater Friend or Ally of Israel during his Tenure as us President the relationship between Trump And nanahu once strong has soured over Time Trump was displeased when nanahu Congratulated Biden on his 2020 Presidential victory Israel has vowed to Retaliate against the Hamas movement for The recent deadly attack in Israeli History which resulted in a significant Loss of civilian life Israeli officials Reported a death toll of over 1,300 with Most victims being civilians Gaza Authorities claimed that over 1,000 500 Palestinians were killed and more than 6,000 were injured in retaliatory air Strikes by Israel eventually Trump Expressed his support for Israel and its Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on

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Friday on his truth social network Trump Used the hashtags hash I stand with Israel and hash I stand with BB in Interviews for a book on his middle east Peace efforts Trump was reported to have Used strong language to criticize nanahu And accused him of disloyalty and Donald Trump had an interesting few days for Example actor Robert dairo strongly Criticized Trump labeling the former President and probable Republican Nominee for the 2024 election as Malevolent and an aspiring tough guy Devoid of morals or ethics in his Statement dairo Drew from his experience Portraying malicious and Despicable Characters in films stating Donald Trump Strikes me as different when I observe Him I don't see a merely Wicked person Truly I perceive him as evil dairo went On to say this individual attempts to Emulate a gangster but he falls short With that Trump also commented about Dairo Trump tweeted that dairo was a Very low IQ individual who had received Too many shots to the head by real Boxers in movies in 2020 Trump tweeted That dairo was one of the most overrated Actors in Hollywood history

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