What It’s Really Like Working With Elon Musk for His Employees

What It's Really Like Working With Elon Musk for His Employees

Elon Musk is the most famous CEO in the World whether he is the best at his job Is a debatable question but many people View him as a genius including some of His own employees and co-workers one ex Employee said I've never seen anyone Like him he is different but what it's Really like working with Elon Musk for His employees for example many former And current employees have actually Released a number of positive statements Regarding working with musk some former Employees have even suggested that he Makes his employees better with one Former senior level employees saying I Feel like I'm 10 times smarter now than When I first joined a former manager Also said that musk wouldn't hesitate to Implement your idea if you liked it musk Looks for dyn as employees and not Necessarily their prior education as Indicators of good employee status musk Also impresses his employees and other Colleagues because of his sheer Intelligence alone though Elon Musk is Known for his brilliant ideas he also Has an extremely good memory he Remembers almost everything that people Tell him and with one employee saying he Takes takes it all in asks follow-up Questions ask for advice on how to Proceed with the issue at hand another Person said that musk knows how to work Hard and that he's smart because he

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Learned at the beginning that if you Want to Be an Effective leader one of Your jobs is to make everyone else Smarter the former vice president of Marketing at tesl also showed admiration Towards musk saying I'd never had Anybody look me in the eye and be as Straightforward about both the pros and Cons of what we were working on from a Technological point of view he also said That he appreciated musk's ability to Make him feel comfortable asking Questions it's already clear that he Loves critical thinking and he also Enjoy seeing how a person gets to the Conclusion that they do how did you get To the conclusion for that particular Problem one might even go as far to say That he seems to be looking for Scientific philosophers who might not Necessarily be right about everything But who can dismantle and attack a Problem or a brain teaser by thinking Their way through it Elon has also Gained respect amongst his employees Because he has shown that he is willing To invest his own money into projects Investing hundreds of millions of Dollars in new projects and ideas Putting musk's dedication on full Display to his employees and co-workers I never worry about elon's commitment or Ability to continue funding new projects Says a former employee many employees

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Have said that musk's passion for his Work is second to none he will often Check up on his employees even if they Are working on something unrelated to Their current projects musk can often be Found talking with employees just to see How they are doing and address any issue That may arise Elon Musk is known for Having a strong work ethic and he often Spends long hours at work every day musk Is also known for traveling around the World to meet with government officials And foreign dignitaries when meeting With these officials he is often seen Discussing how he can help improve the World with new technologies and ideas Musk has also been very successful in Hiring top talent from all over the World resulting in a diverse Workforce In order to preserve that diversity musk Has made sure that his company doesn't Discriminate during the hiring process Elon has also accomplished this Diversity by personally meeting with job Candidates who may not normally be Eligible for employment Elon also holds Slightly different standards than other Companies as he isn't as concerned with College degrees but rather musk is Interested in the candidate's problem Solving skills and ability to learn Quickly and adapt to new challenges in Addition to hiring practices musk also Feels is extremely important to

Compensate all employees fairly for Their work musk believes that it's Important to encourage prop problem Solving and Innovation so he has taken Measures to ensure that all his Employees are awarded for their work Musk is known to offer some of the Highest salaries in comparison with Other CEOs he also gives employees stock Options which may be helpful for them in The future should Tesla ever go public Elon feels it's important to provide Equity in the company to his employees This way his employees will also have a Sense of ownership within the company It's also worth mentioning that musk has Tried to create a fun and Casual work Environment for his employees he is Known to hold monthly celebrations in Order to boost morale amongst the Tesla Team some of these events include award Ceremonies where Elon hands out Awards Like best presenter or most likely to Save the world many of these Awards may Seem a bit silly but they do make the Company feel more like a family and it Encourages employees to let loose and Have fun Elon Musk has done an Impressive job of creating a work Environment that encourages Innovation Creativity and Ingenuity he's also Managed to attract some of the top Talents in order to continue his mission Of making our world better through new

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Technologies Elon is known for taking Risks moving quickly and thinking Outside the box and finally if you like This video please subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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