What Scientists Discovered In Antarctica Changes Everything

What Scientists Discovered In Antarctica Changes Everything

According to Graham Hancock recent Archaeological discoveries in the Antarctic are very strange from the Video discovered by Navy Rescuers that Depicts ancient ruins beneath the icy Surface of Antarctica to the group of Researchers making a bold claim that They have found three ancient pyramids In Antarctica and what about the map That revealed Antarctica without any ice During the early 16th century however The most intriguing Discovery is the Special skull on a beach called yamana Beach that changes our understanding of Antarctic history let's discuss all of These and other amazing discoveries in a Captivating story is shared by Archaeologists and Adventure Jonathan Gray from World education research Limited we learn about a California TV Crew that went missing in November 2002 They left behind a video and their Disappearance triggered a mission by U.S Navy Seals the exciting part is that This story claims that vast ancient Ruins have been discovered beneath the ICC This intriguing Revelation was shared in Gray's free newsletter called Archeology News flash according to reports a Company spokesman stated that the U.S Government planned to prevent the Broadcast of a video discovered by Navy Rescuers in Antarctica the video

Supposedly uncovers an ongoing massive Archaeological excavation happening deep Below the ice approximately 2 miles 3 200 meters down the Atlantis TV Production crew that shot the video is Still missing reports gray during that Period lawyers representing Atlantis TV Located in Beverly Hills emphasized that The well-being and safety of their crew Were their utmost priority however they Firmly declared their intention to Strongly resist any efforts to suppress Information that is undeniably of public Importance and accessible to everyone They highlighted that Antarctica being An icy continent does not belong to any Specific nation and the United States Lacks authority over it a spokesperson From Atlanta's TV firmly asserted that The video in question belongs to their Company since they were the ones who Filmed it they stated that once the Video is rightfully returned to them They have every intention of Broadcasting it without any hesitation In their view there is no further Discussion needed on this matter in his Latest newsletter gray asserts that two Navy officers after watching the video Shared its contents with researchers From the National Science Foundation NSF Upon on their return to the Appleton Scott station located at the South Pole According to sources from Murdo Station

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The primary American Basin Antarctica it Was revealed that the video showcased Awe-inspiring ancient ruins and various Other intriguing discoveries an nasf Scientist mentioned that specific Details regarding those findings Couldn't be disclosed we chalked it up To some kind of sub-zero-induced Delusion he said enter the helicopter Full of Navy SEALs landed and picked Them up and took off now we're Scratching our heads as expected Officials from the U.S naval support Task force stationed in Antarctica Categorically denied both the story Itself and any claims of processing a Video recorded by the Atlantis TV crew Who went missing a group of researchers Is making a bold claim that they have Found three ancient pyramids in Antarctica a continent covered in ice Although specific information is limited The team has shared three fascinating Pictures showcasing their Discovery this Information comes from David hannott who Is associated with adg UK the team Working on this discovery is made up of Researchers from different countries Including the United States and various European nations they have identified Two massive pyramid structures located About 10 miles inland While the third one is situated closer To the Coastland making it easily

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Visible from the ocean at present the Team is making preparations for an Expedition to one of the pyramids to Determine whether it is a naturally Formed structure or an artificial Creation with that in 1966 a historian Named Chris habgood shared a map in his Paper titled maps of the ancient sea Kings evidence of advanced civilization In the Ice Age this map was created by a Turkish Marine Captain named Ahmed major Piri also known as Puris what made this Map intriguing was that it revealed Antarctica without any ice during the Early 16th century it was believed to be A copy of a map that was drawn around 6 000 years ago the discovery left Scientists stunned because it implied That humans might have once lived in Antarctica furthermore it suggested that These ancient humans have the ability to Construct pyramids similar to those seen In other ancient civilizations according To certain experts the pyramids found Found in Antarctica were the work of an Ancient and Powerful civilization in Addition Graham Hancock points out Something fascinating ancient maps Include Antarctica even though it wasn't Officially discovered until 1820 these Maps created in the 1500s were based on Even older maps that we no longer have Access to the remarkable thing is a Specific map called the Pinkerton world

Map made around 1813 or 1818 which Depicted a hole in the area where Antarctica is now located this map was An honest representation based on the Exploration data available at that time However if we look back to the wartsy Willow world map from around 1530 we see That Antarctica is clearly present it is Shown on the right hand side near the Tip of South America and just south of South Africa in those times it was Referred to as the southern land and Appeared larger than it is today it Raises the question why is Antarctica Included on a map from the 1500s which Relied on older Maps where nobody knew About its existence according to Hancock The most logical explanation is that we Are observing evidence of A Lost Civilization that mapped the world Leaving behind traces that ancient map Makers discovered and incorporated into Their Maps furthermore researchers have Discovered the remains of a really big Stone building and some older objects in A Far Away part of Antarctica they think These things are about 4 000 years old They share their Discovery had a press Meeting this is the first proof that People lived in Antarctica a long time Ago and it's considered one of the most Significant archaeological findings of This Century in the fading light just Before the first Sunset of the year in

Mid-February a team led by geologist Scott Edmondson from Wyoming State University made an interesting Discovery In Antarctica while hiking near Doubleday Glacier one of Edmondson Students stumbled upon the remains of a Stone building that was about the same Size as Rome's old Amphitheater Doubleday Glacier has been shrinking at A rate of about three meters per year For the past hundred years and the last Time scientists explored the area was in The 1920s Edmondson believes that Previous researchers might have easily Overlooked the finding the team Continued their work even into March Which was beyond the usual end of their Research season according to Edmondson They managed to keep going by singing Show tunes and enjoying s'mores they Were always excited to see what they Would discover the following day up Until now the researchers have found the Base of a huge structure with columns It's possible that this structure could Have been as tall as 30 meters Harvey Sampson a member of the team previously Approved through DNA analysis the pill Down man was not a complex trick but the Actual remains of the murdered Saint Nicholas the last Russians are moreover Back in 1985 something really Interesting happened experts found a Special skull on a beach called yamana

Beach in a place called Cape Sharif the The yamana beach scope was a big deal And it's not just because of its Archaeological importance in about 30 Years these bones could become part of a Larger story involving territorial Claims in this untouched Wilderness Countries are getting ready sometimes Quietly and sometimes not so quietly to Assert their ownership over large Portions of this land even though it's Mostly uninhabitable lots of people just Don't understand that there's a darker Side to Antarctica says Klaus Dodds Professor of geopolitics at the Royal Holloway University of London what we're Seeing is great power politics play out In a space that a lot of people think as Just Frozen wastes the Antarctic treaty System was initially established in 1959 But it underwent an important update in 1998 with the inclusion of an Environmental Protection protocol this Protocol declares Antarctica as a Special place meant for peaceful and Scientific purposes like a natural Sanctuary he strictly forbids any Actions related to mining or exploiting Mineral resources in Antarctica except When it is required for scientific Investigation however it's essential to Note that these rules may not remain Fixed indefinitely in 2048 which marks 50 years since the protocol was

Established there is a possibility that This particular aspect of the treaty Could be re-evaluated specifically the Restriction on mining and extracting Resources might and as emphasized the Word might be modified or removed Altogether According to Dodds the significance of The Year 2048 is that if certain Countries decide to disregard the ban on Mining there is concern that it could Lead to the unraveling of the entire Treaty he emphasizes that Environmental Protection is a major focus of the Treaty and one of its most important Aspects when the Antarctic treaty was First adopted seven countries Argentina Australia Chile France New Zealand Norway and the UK had competing claims Over parts of Antarctica however the Treaty managed to maintain the status Quo by preserving these existing claims And preventing any new ones from being Made moreover the treaty officially Suspended any further expansions of Territorial claims in Antarctica Effectively putting them on hold for the Time being Joe Barrett an expert in International law explains that the Countries with territorial claims in Antarctica essentially have their claims Contained within a box while the lid is Firmly closed on their box for now it Will always be retained and never

Discarded Dodds points out that several Countries particularly China and Russia Are practicing a form of double think When it comes to this aspect of the Treaty they are simultaneously adhering To the agreement while also secretly Strategizing and considering the future Especially regarding the events Surrounding the year 2048. consequently Numerous nations are actively exploring Antarctica through various means they Are funding scientific studies Conducting historical research and Constructing research stations in Different locations across the continent Dodds explains that these actions serve As a clear message to the global Community indicating their widespread Presence and involvement in the region As a whole according to Michael Pearson An expert in Antarctic Heritage and a Former Deputy executive director of the Australian Heritage commission Archeology plays a crucial role in Shaping future discussions related to Territorial claims and Commercial Exploitation engaging in archaeological Activities helps establish a vested Interest and creates a foundation for Participating in these important Conversations although archaeological Discoveries such as the finding of the Yaminar beach skull don't hold legal Significance because the woman was

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Likely a sealer rather than an Authorized presence they can still have A significant impact on our Understanding of Antarctica's history if Chile can provide evidence that his People inhabited Antarctica earlier than Other countries making territorial Claims it strengthens their position in Negotiations it becomes a matter of Showcasing historical presidents which Can carry weight in discussions about Land ownership archaeological findings Can also generate increased political Backing for a particular cause within a Country dods explains the wind remains Or artifacts discovered in the icy Landscape it often fuels a sense of Territorial nationalism these Archaeological discoveries hold great Significance in shaping National Politics and can rally support for Various initiatives or claims there are Other events like the discovery of Historic shipwrecks that can have a Similar impact as the finding of the Yaminar skull one such example is the Wreck of the Spanish frigate santelmo in 1819 which occurred in the Drake Passage Separating the southern tip of Chile From the Antarctic Peninsula Archaeologists have been exploring the Antarctic Islands to gather evidence of Whether any crew members managed to Survive and reach the shore these

Investigations are aimed at uncovering More clues about history and potential Human presence in Antarctica Pearson Explains that remnants of the Shipwreck Were discovered on the south Shetland Islands indicating that some crew Members might have survived by clinging Onto the floating debris if indeed there Were survivors it would mean that they Reached Antarctica before the British Becoming the first to set foot on the Continent The positive aspect of the increased Focus on archeology in Antarctica is That when a single country invests in These efforts it can lead to the Discovery of artifacts and remains that Hold significance for the entire world Pearson highlights that even though Countries may have nationalistic Ambitions whether openly expressed or Hidden they can actually bring benefits These Ambitions provide the necessary Funding and logistical support to carry Out archaeological research which would Otherwise be challenging to obtain based On the available information it seems Highly probable that the Chilean woman Whose skull was discovered on yamana Beach was somehow involved in a ceiling Expedition to Antarctica it is likely That she met with a tragic fate possibly Drowning or succumbing to harsh weather Conditions on the shore nevertheless her

Remains represent one of the most Important archaeological findings in Antarctica's history these discoveries Contribute to a larger Narrative of soft Power and national pride within the Broader context of the Strategic pursuit Of territorial claims over the Frozen Continent that's it for today subscribe To our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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