Whistleblower – U.S. recovered nonhuman “biologics” from crash sites of UFO

Whistleblower - U.S. recovered nonhuman "biologics" from crash sites of UFO

In a chill in Revelation retired Air Force intelligence officer David grush Testified before Congress about a hidden Government program dedicated to Retrieving and reverse engineering UFO Despite official denials grush's claims Suggests that the government has known About these mysterious objects for Decades raising disturbing questions About their true origin and Potential Threat recent developments including a National Academy of Sciences report and A public Hearing in Congress have only Added to the Intrigue this is a messy Situation so let's explain it so retired Air Force intelligence officer David Grush testified before Congress on Wednesday claiming that the U.S Government has been concealing a Long-standing program that retrieves and Reverse Engineers unidentified flying Objects Bruce testified before the house Intelligence committee's subcommittee on Counter-terrorism counterintelligence And counterproliferation he told the Committee that he had been informed of a Secret program M called the advanced Aerospace threat identification program Which was tasked with investigating UFOs Bruce said that he was denied access to Advanced Aerospace threat identification Program but that he had learned about The program from other sources but the Pentagon has denied grush's claims a

Spokesperson for the Department of Defense said that there is no evidence That the U.S government has ever Retrieved a crashed unidentified flying Object the spokesperson also said that The advanced Aerospace threat Identification program was a legitimate Research program that was terminated in 2012. so the situation is very difficult Gracious claims have implications for The government's ongoing investigation Into UFOs if Grouch is telling the truth It means that the government has been Aware of UFOs for decades and has been Actively investigating that this could Have implications for National Security As it raises the possibility that UFOs Could be foreign technology or even Extraterrestrial spacecraft crack Gresh's testimony was the latest Development in the government's ongoing Investigation into UFOs in 2020 the Pentagon released a report that Acknowledged that there have been more Than 140 unexplained unidentified flying Objects sightings since 2004. the report Did not conclude that the UFOs were Alien spacecraft but it did not rule out That possibility either in a recent Article for the financial times Aerospace journalist David hambling Argued that grush's testimony is Credible and that the government's Denials are not very convincing in

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Addition to grush's testimony there have Been other recent developments in the World of UFOs in July 2023 the National Academy of Sciences released a report on The government's unidentified flying Object's research the National Academy Of Sciences is a non-profit organization That provides independent advice to the Government on scientific matters the Report was authored by a committee of Experts in astrophysics astronomy and Aerospace engineer the report found that There's limited evidence to support the Claim that UFOs are alien spacecraft the Report also found that there is no Evidence to rule out the possibility Either the report concluded that the Available evidence does not provide a Definitive answer to the question of Whether or not unidentified aerial Phenomena are extraterrestrial in origin This report was followed by a hearing in The house intelligence committee on UFOs The hearing was the first time that Congress had held a public hearing on UFOs in over 50 years the hearing Featured testimony from several Government officials include former Navy Pilots who have reported seeing UFOs the Hearing was held on July 27 2023 the Witnesses at the hearing included Louis Elizondo former director of the advanced Aerospace threat identification program Christopher Mellon former deputy

Assistant secretary of defense for Intelligence Ryan Graves former Navy Pilot who reported seeing UFOs and Dave Fraver former Navy pilot who reported Seeing a UFO off the coast of California The witnesses at the hearing testified About their experiences with UFOs Elizondo said that he had seen Classified footage of UFOs that were Beyond anything he had ever seen before Melon said that he believed that the Government was not being transparent About UFOs Graves and fraver testified About seeing UFOs that were flying at Speeds and maneuvering in ways that Defied known physics the hearing in the House intelligence committee was a Significant event and it is likely that More attention will be paid to a foes in The future and gretch's claims extend Well beyond the publicly disclosed Information however U.S intelligence Officials have been investigating Reports of unidentified flying objects In recent years in 2020 a pentagon task Force conducted an investigation into Unidentified aerial phenomena following Numerous reports and the emergence of Certain videos depicting peculiar aerial Incidents the task forces found were Published and though they did not Definitively confirm extraterrestrial Involvement they acknowledged the Existence of various types of

Unidentified aerial phenomena that Required distinct explanations these Included explanations like Airborne Clutter which might involve drones and Balloons as well as natural atmospheric Phenomena and it's interesting to point Out that NASA scientists are now Seriously investigating unidentified Anomalous phenomena for the first time One notable incident is the Tic Tac Encounter that happened years ago where U.S Navy Pilots encountered a mysterious Object that moved at astonishing speeds However distinguishing genuine anomalies From mundane explanations such as Natural phenomena or man-made objects Remains a challenge researchers are now Attempting to sift through conspiracy Theories and fanciful claims to focus on Incidents that warrant rigorous Investigation the shift towards Scientific inquiry marks a significant Development in America's approach to UFOs and could shed light on some Long-standing Mysteries one of them is Definitely the enigmatic Phoenix Lights That remains one of the most intriguing Collective UFO sightings in the history Of modern UFO studies this phenomenon Occurred over Phoenix Arizona and parts Of Sonora Mexico sparking a worldwide Debate on the existence of unidentified Flying objects and its Fascination Persist even decades later the incident

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Happened during a clear night and Numerous residents including Pilots Police officers and military personnel Reported witnessing a formation of Lights arranged in a v-shape gliding Across the skies of Arizona according to Witnesses the objects appeared massive Possibly as large as several football Fields and they maintained a fixed Formation as they moved slowly and Silently through the sky for several Hours so the truth is still out there And that's it for today subscribe and Hit the notification Bell

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