Whistleblower’s Crazy Revelation about UFO

Whistleblower's Crazy Revelation about UFO

In a chilling Congressional hearing a Former military intelligence officer Turned whistleblower David grush unveils A terrifying truth about unidentified Anomalous phenomena and that they've had Bodies for decades Jeremy corball says That as many as 40 whistleblowers ready To come forward after David crush's Bombshell testimony on Capitol Hill they Don't mean that it was a chimpanzee I Think they very well mean that this was Something extraterrestrial I want to Know what they know he accuses executive Branch agencies of hiding crucial Information about crashed alien Spacecraft non-human vehicles and Biological remains from extraterrestrial Beings Russia's Revelations are backed By fighter pilots recounting their Eerie Encounters with UAP despite government Denial grush insists on the existence of Secret programs sparking fear and Intrigue about potential non-human Activity since 1930. this is a messy Situation so let's explain it in Congressional hearing a former military Intelligence officer turned Whistleblower David grush accused Executive branch agencies of keeping Congress in the dark about unidentified Anomalous phenomena commonly known as UAP or UFO and there are a lot of Counter claims against David gush that He is lying that he is crazy and none of

This is true also to discredit David There are a lot of stories about how David once was suicidal and is mentally Ill Ross kohard talked about this story In an interview with Cuomo as Ross Coulthart said when he came back home From serving the country once he was Suicidal and his lovely wife was Concerned about him she did call the Police because of the guns in the house She wanted to make sure he was protected And in the end David was taken to a Local hospital given the treatment that He needed and indeed this is the most Important thing the intelligence Community and the defense department Completely accepted that there was no Issue because he was allowed to keep his Security clearance so to clarify that he Is not crazy and he is not mentally ill That's exactly what Ross coltard asked Him first so David responded I served in Afghanistan and you know sadly I had a Friend that committed suicide after I Got back and I dealt with that for a Couple of years and am proud as a Veteran I did not become a statistic I Totally took care of that issue in my Life and it doesn't affect me anymore So you suffered PTSD I am yes I did David responded Did that affect fuel expression of What's happening today is it possible That you're diluting yourself Ross asked

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No absolutely not I'm very proud to admit that that was an Issue in my life And I encourage you know veterans Watching here to get help so they are Not a statistic like a good friend of Mine Ross also asked so I'm going to be blunt About this you're not making this up This is not a lie David responded no Absolutely not rush who served for 14 Years in the Air Force and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency revealed That he was denied access to classified Programs related to UAP and he alleged That the military misappropriated funds To Shield these operations from Congressional oversight he also stated That he had interviewed officials with Direct knowledge of aircraft of Non-human origin and biologics recovered From some UAP David grush told house Lawmakers Wednesday that he had Interviewed government officials who had Direct knowledge of aircraft with Non-human Origins and that so-called Biologics were recovered from some crash Sites David said during the hearing as I've Stated publicly already in my news Nation interview biologics came with Some of these recoveries Non-human biologics and that was the Assessment of people with direct

Knowledge of the program I talked to That are currently still in the program David also talked about what government Agencies or organizations or contractors Have more information about this UFO As David said I can give you a specific Cooperative and hostile witness list of Specific individuals that were in those At the hearing two former fighter pilots Ryan Graves and David fravor also Testified about their first-hand Encounters with UAP they expressed Frustration with the inadequate Reporting systems for UAP encounters and The stigma faced by those seeking Transparency about their experiences the Issue of UAP has gained widespread Attention in recent years with video Recordings showing unidentified objects Moving at high speeds with no apparent Propulsion the pentagon's old domain Anomaly resolution office has Investigated hundreds of UAP reports but Many cases remain unexplained Congress Has been pushing for more transparency From the military and intelligence Agencies regarding these incidents with Lawmakers expressing concern about Potential National Security threats Posed by unknown objects in U.S airspace In response to the growing demand for Disclosure a bipartisan group of Senators led by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer introduced an amendment

Requiring executive branch agencies to Release UAP records to a review board With the presumption of immediate Disclosure lawmakers from both parties Expressed frustration about the lack of Information provided by the military and Intelligence agencies and they called For more comprehensive investigations And transparency with that David also Claimed that the government possesses Debris from crashed alien spacecraft and Has retrieved biological remains from Alien bodies he stated that the Government has non-human vehicles and That the biologics were found along with Some of the recoveries when asked if the Biologics were human or non-human he Asserted that they were non-human as Assessed by individuals with direct Knowledge of the program he prefers the Term non-human rather than alien or Extraterrestrial he considers himself a Whistleblower and has interviewed Several people who claim to have been Injured by UFO grush also asserted that The Pentagon has been secretly studying Crashed UAP for years this Revelation Came during a congress hearing on UFO Where an ex-navy pilot accused the U.S Government of concealing crucial in Information about UFO grush disclosed That he led defense department efforts To analyze reported UFO sightings and Had knowledge of a long-running program

Aimed at collecting and reconstructing Crashed spacecraft the hearing was Conducted by the house oversight Committee and it was triggered by Increased attention on reported UFO Sightings or unidentified aerial Phenomena uip grush revealed that he Knows of multiple colleagues who were Injured by UAP and claimed that the U.S Government has likely been aware of Non-human activity since the 1930 However the Pentagon denied Russia's Claims of a cover-up stating that there Is no verifiable information to Substantiate the existence of programs Regarding the possession or reverse Engineering of extraterrestrial Materials nonetheless interest in UFO And potential extraterrestrial life has Grown with calls for declassifying Related documents and NASA holding its First public meeting on the matter so Grush claims that after 2019 when he Joined the UAP task force he was granted Extensive security clearance and access To various programs during this time he Asserts that the UAP task force was Denied access to a comprehensive crash Retrieval program involving non-human Origin technical Vehicles which he Describes as spacecraft or exotic Vehicles of non-human origin that have Either landed or crashed according to Grush the U.S possesses a significant

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Number of these non-human Vehicles Initially skeptical grush came to Believe in the existence of such Programs after speaking with senior Intelligence Officers Who provided oral Testimonies and evidence although he Avoids using the term alien life he Believes in the potential existence of Extraterrestrial life suggesting they Might come from different physical Dimensions as explained in quantum Mechanics despite his efforts to gain Direct access to the program and conduct An investigation Grouch claims he faced Resistance and retaliation from higher Authorities as a result he reported his Experiences to the intelligence Community Inspector General and filed a Whistleblower complaint grush decided to Make his findings public speaking out in An article written by Leslie Keane in The debrief he emphasizes that he is not Motivated by financial gain but rather a Sense of service and a desire to prevent Future regrets for not making a Difference although over 40 percent of Americans believe that some UFO are Alien spacecraft admitting the Possibility of extraterrestrial Visitation is not the same as proving it The absence of solid evidence leads many To view grusha's claims as mere stories Until concrete proof is provided the Question of whether aliens have arrived

Remains unanswered from a scientific Standpoint and the prevailing skepticism Suggests that claims of alien visitation Require substantial evidence to be taken Seriously and that's it for today Subscribe and hit the notification Bell

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