Why Education Does Not Work – Elon Musk

Why Education Does Not Work - Elon Musk

Today we'll discuss why Elon Musk says That education does not work according To Elon they lie to us and every day People are making big mistakes spending A lot of money in education for nothing According to musk there is big reason Why education failed and what's even Worse sometimes college degree might Even harm your chances of being hired This is a very insightful story so let's Explain everything now imagine you are a Harvard graduate you spent a few $1,000 On various degrees and So eventually you Go to the interview at Tesla you enter a Room you see Elon Musk sitting waiting For you as soon as you enter he looks at You and asks one very difficult question That you would never expect to hear what Is your greatest achievement what have You done in your life then you will find Out that the answer is not your Education Elon Musk does not care about Your degree in fact musk will tell you That all these years you spent in the University weakens your resume but how Is this possible in fact once musk Tweeted on X and asked applicants the Following when sending your resume Please describe a few of the hardest Problems you solved and exactly how you Solved them this genius question is made Up of elements which helped musk to sift Through an array of candidates and Because it needs not only critical

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Thinking but so much more candidates Need to have autonomy within their Answers it is not a googleable answer Applicants cannot mimic an answer from Anywhere else and it is about what the Applicant has done professionally what He or she has achieved except their Educations now let me tell you something That will surprise you in fact Elon Musk Thinks that the main issue in today's Corporate America is that there are too Many business school graduates in charge According to musk too many people waste Years and money for acquiring MBA I Think that there might be too many mba's Running companies musk said at the Wall Street Journal CEO Summit musk believes This trend which he calls the MBA Isation of America is not ideal Especially for coming up with new and Exciting products according according to Him big CEOs often Focus too much on Numbers and lose sight of their main Goal which is to make amazing products Or Services there should be more focus On the product or service itself less Time on board meetings less time on Financials a company has no value in Itself it only has value to the degree That is an effective allocator of Resources to create business services That are of a greater value than the Costs of the inputs musk said then at The satellite conference in Washington

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Musk talked spefic specifically about College education according to Elon we Don't need to go to college to learn he Mentioned that even famous figures like Shakespeare probably didn't attend College despite this an audience member At a conference pointed out that many Job postings at musk's company SpaceX Require a bachelor's degree and a Master's degree is preferred the Audience member expressed concerns about The increasing difficulty of affording College education in response musk Argued that college is unnecessary Because one can learn anything anything For free he mentioned that the main Value of college lies improving Discipline by completing assignments and Socializing with peers of the same age Before entering the workforce I think College is basically for fun and to Prove that you can do your chores but They're not for learning musk said Another principle that musk aderes to in His pursuit of self-education involves Surrounding himself with the most Knowledgeable and talented individuals He engages in conversations with experts In various Fields absorbing their Expertise through discussions musk Endeavors to apply and replicate this Acquired knowledge in his projects such As SpaceX he reportedly read the entire Encyclopedia branica then moved on to

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Almost exclusively reading science Fiction novels for about 10 hours per Day it also comes as no surprise that Musk recommends books about other Geniuses notably the book Benjamin Franklin and American Life by Walter Isaacson as well as Einstein his life And universe also by Isaacson and you Might think that musk has a strange way To look at the educ a but fact is if you Are working with him if you passed his Evaluation it means that you are working On something big and the most satisfying Thing you've got to learn and work on Future Technologies before the rest of The world even sees them or uses them Who knows how far as companies might Lead the world and where we might end up Being able to go as humans because of The work that he does well that's Definitely one small step for man and One giant leap for mankind and that's it For today subscribe to our Channel and Hit the notific if ation Bell

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