Why I Deal With Only Genius People – Nikola Tesla

Why I Deal With Only Genius People - Nikola Tesla

Without a doubt Nicola Tesla is one of The most famous scientists ever in the World and it is rare to come across Someone of Fame and intelligence as Nicola Tesla but what was Nicola Tesla's Strange way he understood if someone was Intelligent or even genius now imagine You go to the interview to meet Nicola Tesla you enter a room you see Tesla Sitting waiting for you as soon as you Enter he looks at you and asks a few Specific questions that you would never Expect to hear first what is the most Important invention ever made What is the meaning of life what is the Greatest mystery of the universe what is The future of humanity it's interesting That Nicola had some incredible answers To these questions and we will discuss These answers later in the video and With that there is a famous story of how Nicola met Mark Twain and Tesla Instantly tried and tested Mark Twain's Intelligence by asking him one of these Questions did Mark Twain answer Correctly did he prove his intelligence To Tesla well we will also discuss this Story a little later in the video but It's important to note that Nicola Tesla Was known for his unique personality and Unconventional approach to interacting With people he had a keen interest in Science technology and the intellect of Those around him first of all Tesla

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Frequently interacted with some of the Brightest minds of his time including Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse His interactions with these fellow Inventors were often characterized by a Mix of collaboration and competition for Example his relationship with Edison Started as a collaboration but turned Into a bitter rivalry over their Differing views on direct current and Alternating current electricity systems When interacting with other scientists And inventors Tesla would engage in Intense discussions and debates about Scientific theories and Engineering Concepts these interactions were about Testing intelligence and about pushing The boundaries of scientific knowledge And exploring new ideas Tesla also loved To ask people what is the relationship Between space and time also it's Interesting to point out that Tesla was Also known for his public lectures and Demonstrations he had a knack for Captivating audiences with his Charismatic speaking style and dramatic Experiments such as his famous Demonstrations of wireless electricity These interactions with the public were Aimed at both educating and inspiring People about the wonders of Science and Technology Tesla's ability to convey Complex scientific Concepts in an Accessible manner endeared him to a wide

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Range of people from fellow scientists To ordinary citizens he believed in the Importance of educating the public about Scientific advancements and fostering an Appreciation for the Sciences so now Let's get back to this story with Nicola Tesla and Mark Twain's meeting in 1896 Tesla was invited to a dinner party at The home of Mark Twain Twain was a great Admirer of Tesla's work and he was eager To meet him during the dinner Conversation Tesla asked Twain one of His favorite questions what is the Greatest mystery of the universe Twain Thought for a moment and then replied The greatest mystery of the universe is The universe itself and Tesla was Pleased with Twain's answer he knew that Twain was a deep thinker and a keen Observer of the world around him he was Also glad that Twain shared his interest In the big questions Tesla and Twain Continued to Converse for hours that Evening they discussed a wide range of Topics including science philosophy and The future of humanity Tesla was deeply Impressed by Twain's intelligence and Wit he later said that Twain was one of The most intelligent people he had ever Met after dinner Tesla and Twain moved To the living room where they continued Their conversation they talked about Everything from the nature of Consciousness to the possibility of life

On other planets Tesla was inspired by Twain's creativity and his willingness To challenge the status quo Twain was Impressed by Tesla's Brilliance and his Vision for the future at the end of the Evening Tesla and Twain shook hands and Promised to stay in touch they both felt That they had made a new friend the Story of Tesla and Twain's conversation Is a reminder that even the most Brilliant Minds can learn from each Other now let's specifically analyze Nicola Tesla's favorite questions and What were his answers to these questions First what is the meaning of life According to Tesla the purpose of life Is to discover your gift the work of Life is to develop it the meaning of Life is to give your gift away second What is the relationship between space And time according to Nicola space and Time are not conditions in which we Exist but modes by which we are Conscious of one another third what is The nature of Consciousness according to Him Consciousness is the Supreme mystery Of the universe fourth what is the Future of humanity according to Tesla Humanity is destined to be one of the Greatest races in the universe fifth What is the most important invention Ever made according to Nicola the most Important invention ever made is the Wheel he also did write and speak

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Extensively about the importance of Alternating current electricity which he Considered to be one of his most Important contributions in an interview With the New York Times in 1897 Tesla Said the alternating current system is The greatest invention of my life and it Is destined to revolutionize the world And sixth this is the question that Nicola asked Mark Twain what is the Greatest mystery of the universe According to Nicola Tesla the greatest Mystery of the universe is the source of Cosmic energy he believed that the Universe was filled with an infinite Amount of energy and that this energy Was the key to understanding everything From the nature of matter to the origins Of life in a 1931 interview Tesla said If you only knew the magnificence of the Three six and N then you would have a Key to the universe he was convinced That these numbers held a deep Significance and that they could be used To unlock the secrets of the cosmos so If it happens if at some point you will Get asked these questions we hope that This video would help you and that's it For today subscribe to our channel for More videos like this

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