Why I Hire Only Genius People – Jeff Bezos

Why I Hire Only Genius People - Jeff Bezos

Without a doubt Jeff Bezos is one of the Most famous CEO in the world whether he Is the best at his job is a debatable Question but it is rare to come across Someone of Fame and Fortune as Jeff Bezos and today you will see his hiring Procedures are also very special and Exciting so how does Jeff Bezos hire the Best Professionals in the world well This is a situation that happened to Many interviewees imagine you go to the Interview in the Amazon you enter a room You see Jeff Bezos sitting waiting for You as soon as you enter he looks at you And asks one very difficult question That you would never expect to hear how Many gas stations are there in the United States what why should anyone Answer to this strange question well now It might seem strange but it's a tricky Question and if you think about it you Might easily answer this question and we Will discuss this answer later in the Video but it's interesting to point out That Jeff Bezos implemented a Distinctive and influential hiring Mechanism known as the bar raiser Interview process at Amazon This Innovative approach was designed to Maintain a high standard of talent Acquisition and ensure that each new Hire contributed positively to the Company's culture and performance the Bar raiser is a concept deeply embedded

In Amazon's recruitment strategy Reflecting bezos's commitment to Excellence and continuous Improvement in This process a specially designated Interviewer the bar raiser is involved In the hiring decision this individual Is not part of the hiring team and is Typically someone with a strong track Record and deep understanding of Amazon's culture and values their role Is to provide an objective assessment of Candidates ensuring that each new hire Is at least as competent as 50% of the Current employees in similar roles this Method aims to consistently raise the Company's Talent bar fostering an Environment of high Achievers and Innovative thinkers under bezos's Leadership the bar raiser interview Process became a Cornerstone of Amazon's Hiring philosophy setting it apart from Conventional recruitment Strat Strategies the process is rigorous and Multifaceted focusing not only on a Candidate's technical skills and Experience but also on their alignment With Amazon's 14 leadership principles Which include customer Obsession Ownership and a bias for Action these Principles are integral to Amazon's Identity and guide the bar raisers in Evaluating candidates potential for Long-term success and growth within the Company the bar raiser has the authority

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To veto a hiring decision if they Believe the candidate does not meet the Standard set ensuring that the quality Of new hires is never compromised this Approach reflects bezos's belief in the Power of human capital and his Commitment to building a resilient Innovative and forward-thinking Workforce also one key element of Bezos's hiring process under his Leadership has been the use of Behavioral interviewing a technique that Helps interviewers understand how a Candidate has acted in specific Situations in the past in a behavioral Interview candidates are asked to Recount specific instances from their Past work experiences focusing on Challenges they faced actions they took And the results of those actions this Method allows interviewers to assess a Range of competencies and skills such as Problem solving leadership teamwork and Adaptability which are crucial for Success at Amazon bezos's advocacy for Behavioral interviewing aligns with Amazon's customer Centric and Innovative Culture the technique is particularly Effective in evaluating how candidates Align with Amazon's 14 leadership Principles which are Central to the Company's ethos these principles Including customer Obsession ownership And invent and simplify are not just

Abstract values but practical guides That Amazon employees are expected to Demonstrate in their daily work it's Interesting to point out that Jeff Bezos Employs a comprehensive four-step hiring Approach centered on long-term potential And adherance to Amazon's leadership Principles step one applicants submit Detailed resumes and cover letters two Bezos values the star method situation Task action and result as candidates Articulate their experiences three Candidates then face a rigorous Assessment Center solving real world Scenarios to demonstrate problemsolving Skills and alignment with core values Four Bezos ensures diverse perspectives By engaging multiple interviewers in the Final decision encouraging applicants to Exemplify skills and experiences aligned With Amazon 's customer Centric and Innovative culture also Bezos loves to Ask specific and strange questions During the interviews here's a list of The general introductory questions Applicants are likely to be asked if They want to work at Amazon one tell me Something about yourself that's not on Your resume two why should Amazon hire You three what was your greatest Engineering challenge and how did you Overcome it with that Jeff bezos's is Famous for his emphasis on high Standards in hiring which is deeply

Rooted in his vision for Amazon as a Company that consistently delivers Exceptional service and Innovative Products high standards are a Cornerstone of Amazon's culture driving The company to achieve excellence in Every aspect of its operations by Seeking individuals who naturally uphold High standards Bezos ensures that the Company's Workforce is equipped to Tackle complex challenges maintain Quality and continuously improve now Let's get back to the main question the Question how many many gas stations are There in the United States is a classic Example of a fmy problem named after Physicist enrio fmy who was known for Making good approximate calculations With little or no actual data Jeff Bezos Asking this question was less interested In the exact number and more interested In understanding how a candidate Approaches complex ambiguous problems The question tests the candidate's Creativity and problem solving their Comfort with numerical estimation and Their ability to articulate their Thought process clearly and logically to Approach this question a candidate might Start by estimating the US population And then making assumptions about the Average number of cars per household for Instance with a population of around 330 Million and an average of two cars per

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Household one can estimate the total Number of cars in the country The Next Step could involve estimating how often These cars need refueling and the Capacity of a typical gas station for Example how many cars it can service per Day by combining these estimates the Candidate can calculate the approximate Number of gas stations needed to service All the cars in the country this process Involves making a series of logical Assumptions and Performing simple Calculations to arrive at a rough Estimate the interviewer is interested In the method and rationale used in the Estimation process rather than the exact Number the candidate arrives at and That's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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