Why My Hiring Procedure Is a Piece of Art – Elon Musk

Why My Hiring Procedure Is a Piece of Art - Elon Musk

Elon Musk is the most famous CEO in the World many consider him to be even the Best CEO but it's rare to find someone As rich and famous as Elon Musk and Today you will see his mindboggling and Perfect hiring procedure strange job Interview questions and crazy Assignments that Elon Musk gives during Job interviews some people call these Hiring procedures a piece of art some People hate it but for example would you Rather fight a giant spider or 100 Normalized spiders this is a job Interview question that no one is Prepared for but as we will show you Today you will see stranger things Because musk's job interviews are far More crazy than you could ever imagine So why is Elon musk's hiring procedure Considered a piece of art well let's Explain so this is a scenario that many Applicants have experienced picture Yourself going to an interview you enter A room and there's Elon Musk as soon as The interview begins instead of the Typical mundane tell me about yourself Question musk asks how many golf balls Can fit a school bus and the correct Answer is very very surprising and that Correct answer will be discussed later In the video however that situation Happened in the infancy of the company's History when Tesla and SpaceX were being Built from the ground up the highly

Intelligent Elon Musk interviewed single Candidates who applied there in fact None of them were denied an interview at That time according to Inner Circle Sources interestingly enough it didn't Matter what job they were being Interviewed for either because the CEO Wanted to hear from every one who Applied here musk was looking for the Process leading to the conclusion and Not necessarily the answer he was Generally not too fussed with the wrong Answer but more concerned with the Appropriation Or the critical analysis Of thinking that would become essential For the candidates during job interviews Musk seeks to identify candidates who Are not only technically proficient but Also possess a strong sense of Creativity and are genuinely passionate About the company's mission one key Aspect musk looks for is a candidate's Ability to solve complex problems he Often asks challenging open-ended Questions that require creative thinking For example he has been known to ask Would you rather fight a giant spider or A 100 normal siiz spiders this question Tests the candidates problem solving and Creativity skills during interviews musk Also values the candidate's track record Of exceptional achievements he often Inquires about a project or task that The candidate was particularly proud of

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Focusing on their specific contribution And the impact it had this helps him Gauge the candidates level of Involvement and the magnitude of their Achievements seeking evidence of a Capacity to take on significant Challenges and drive results for example It's a famous Story how during a job Interview with an engineer musk gave a Strange assignment a potential engineer Described encountering an interview Stage where they were presented with a Toy laser and a pile of Legos the task Build a structure that could reflect the Laser beam onto a Target this seemingly Playful challenge assessed the the Candidates problemsolving skills Creativity and resourcefulness Under Pressure while the outcome of this job Interview remains unknown it highlights Musk's preference for practical Hands-On Assessments also during interviews Elon Musk would ask candidates tell me about Some of the most difficult problems you Worked on and how you solved them the Intent behind this question isn't just To gauge the candidates problemsolving Skills but to see how deeply involved They were in the solution musk believes That if someone truly had a significant Role in solving a difficult problem they Would be able to describe in detail both The problem and how they went about Solving it including all the minor

Challenges they faced along the way musk Is looking for a level of detail that Only someone who has actually Hands-On Dealt with the problem could provide This approach is aimed at filtering out Those who exaggerate their roles or Achievements in their past positions It's a way for musk to ensure that the Candidate has the kind of practical Experience and problemsolving ability That he values in his employees musk Famously said I think it's important to Have a very to apply critical thinking This may sound trit but to apply Critical thinking to what one is doing And by that I mean just the fundamentals Of logic you know of do you have the Right axioms are they relevant and are You making the right conclusions based On those axioms that's the essence of Critical thinking with that musk has Famous tweet where he asked job Seekers To include in their resumés detailed Stories about the toughest challenges They faced and how they solved them this Clever question was designed to pick out The best candidates by seeing how they Think on their own it wasn't something They could just look up or copy from Someone else their answers had to be Personal detailed and very clear the Cool thing was that he wanted these Explanations in writing which meant he Could get several detailed stories from

Each applicant this way he could really Understand how they think and how they Tackle big problems he specifically Wanted examples of difficult issues they Had overcome all shared in his tweet on Twitter it's obvious he values critical Thinking a lot and likes to see how People reach their conclusions he also Appreciates when people can think and Solve problems on their own another Candidate shared that during a job Interview musk asked what would you ask An all- knowing AI this seemingly Philosophical question delves into the Candidate's priorities curiosity and Understanding of AI it's not about the Specific question asked but rather the Thought process and reasoning behind it That musk likely observes while the Candidates answer and outcome are un Closed it showcases the type of Unconventional and probing questions he Might use musk explained perfectly his Job interview process when he said so Firstly when we interview people we do Ask for some evidence of exceptional Ability which in most cases includes Innovation this is not to say everyone Needs to be Innovative but we certainly Need those that are doing Advanced Engineering to be Innovative and ideally Everyone is at least to some degree Innovative so at the interview point we Select for people who want to create new

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Technology and then the incentive Structure is set up such that Innovation Is rewarded making mistakes along the Way does not come with a big penalty It's interesting to point out that in Response to the question of what people Should study to work for him musk said There's a lot of technical problems to Solve so I guess sort of if started Studying kind of engineering and physics And biosciences and that kind of thing Would be the way to go going to be a lot Of problems to solve to make a city work On Mars we were thinking of just as a Sort of semi joke putting a job Description on our website for urban Planning in Brackets Mars there's going To be a tremendous amount of problems to Be solved there will be there's a lot of Building building and problem solving Now let's go back to our main interview Question how many golf balls can fit in A school bus for the right answer to This question and to impress Elon Musk Go beyond just crunching numbers Acknowledge the variable bus sizes and Packing inefficiencies then showcase Your resourcefulness and creativity Propose a thought experiment gather Actual data on bus dimensions and Packing methods involve his engineering Team for their expertise and even Suggest using simulations to optimize Packing density highlight the learning

Potential from such a project aligning With his Innovative spirit and Problemsolving Ethos remember it's not Just about the answer but about Demonstrating your critical thinking Initiative and potential to contribute To his bold Ventures so if it happens if It's at some point you will get Interviewed by Elon Musk we hope that This video will help you and finally if You like this video please subscribe to Our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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