Why No One Can Solve This Question – Elon Musk

Why No One Can Solve This Question - Elon Musk

Without a doubt Elon Musk is the most Famous CEO in the world whether he is The best to work with is a debatable Question and today you will see that his Hiring procedures are also very special And exciting but what is the toughest Question that Elon Musk ever asked During the interview process or what is The toughest question that Steve Jobs Ever asked during the interview what are Zuckerberg's and Bill Gates's toughest Questions they ask to interview ease Today you will see what are the toughest Questions in the top companies that the Best Professionals in the world are Asked during the interview processes and How they deal with these questions also What are the correct answers to these Questions this is a piece of very Interesting information so let's explain Everything however before we will get to It it's interesting to point out that There are some questions that do not Have one right answer for example Netflix once asked an interviewee what Would you do if you were given a 1 Billion dollar budget to improve Netflix Obviously there is no one and only Answer here but there are questions that Were asked by Elon Musk Steve Jobs and Others that have one and only answers so That's why we will first talk about Questions that were asked during the Interview processes in the biggest

Companies and in the second part of the Video we will talk about the right Answers to these questions so how does Elon Musk hire the best Professionals in The world well this is a situation that Happened to many interviewees imagine You go to the interview and Tesla you Enter a room you see Elon Musk sitting Waiting for you as soon as as you enter He looks at you and asks one very Difficult question that you would never Expect to hear you're on a small rowboat In a lake with a rock in the boat you Throw the rock overboard does the water Level in the lake rise or fall this is a Brain teaser of course the boat is Lighter without the stone in the boat so We float higher in the lake this Indicates the water will rise however The lake is more full of stuff so will The water rise well we'll talk about the Right answer later in the video so now Let's go to Apple Apple Val Val's Innovation and the ability to challenge The status quo Steve Jobs Apple's Co-founder was known for his rigorous Hiring standards believing that a small Team of A+ players can run circles Around a giant team of B and C players So one of the toughest questions that Was asked during the interview at Apple Is if you have two eggs and you want to Figure out what's the highest floor from Which you can drop the egg without

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Breaking it how would you do it this is A classic optimization problem that Tests analytical thinking now let's go To face Facebook with its mission to Give people the power to build community And bring the world closer together Facebook's interview questions often Revolve around problem solving Creativity and impact so one of the Toughest questions that was asked by Mark Zuckerberg during an interview at Facebook is why are manhole covers round This was asked in a 2010 interview for a Software engineering position at Facebook the interviewer was trying to Assess the candidates problemsolving Skills and ability to think critically The candidate's answer was that that Round manhole covers are less likely to Fall through the hole than square or Rectangular ones because they have no Corners is this the correct answer we'll Check it later in the video now next Let's go to Microsoft and Bill Gates Under the leadership of different CEOs Microsoft's interview process has Evolved however the company has a long History of challenging its candidates With problem solving and design Questions so one of the toughest Questions that was asked during an Interview at Microsoft is how would you Test a keyboard a classic question Related to quality assurance and product

Testing so what are correct answers to All these questions well first let's Talk about the question from Elon Musk You're on a small rowboat in a lake with A rock in the boat you throw the rock Overboard does the water level in the Lake rise or fall the answer is when you Have a rock in the boat the boat Displaces an amount of water equivalent To the weight of The Rock when you throw The rock overboard it sinks and Displaces its own volume of water since Rocks are generally denser than water They displace less water when submerged Than when they're in the boat causing a Displacement based on their weight Therefore after throwing the rock Overboard the water level in the lake Will fall slightly compared to when The Rock was in the boat what is the correct Answer to the question from Steve Jobs If you have two eggs and you want to Figure out what's the highest floor from Which you can drop the egg without Breaking it how would you do it the Answer is first drop the first egg from Specific intervals increasing the floors In larger jumps to narrow down a range For example you might start by dropping The egg from the 10th flooor then 20th 30th and so on Until It Breaks let's say It breaks on the 30th floor second now Go to the floor just above where you Last safely dropped the first egg 21st

In this case and begin dropping the Second egg one floor at a time if it Breaks on the 24th floor then the 23rd Floor is the highest floor from which The egg can be dropped without breaking The logic behind the strategy is to use The first egg to narrow down an interval And the second egg to linearly search Within that interval to further optimize The number of drops you can adjust the Intervals for the first egg so dropping From floors 1 3 6 10 15 Etc increasing The interval by one each time to balance The worst case number of drops between The two eggs Also let's analyze the Question from Facebook why are manhole Covers round the answer is manhole Covers are round primarily for safety And practicality a circular cover cannot Fall through its own opening unlike Other shapes which might be til Ed and Dropped through Additionally the round Design allows for easy placement without Needing precise alignment facilitates Rolling for movement ensures even stress Distribution and provides an effective Seal against escaping gases now let's Analyze the question from Microsoft how Would you test a keyboard one of the Right answers is to connect the keyboard To a compatible device then Systematically press each key to confirm They all register correctly paying Attention to any unusual resistance or

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Stickiness in ensure that special Function keys multimedia controls and Any backlighting or RGB settings work as Expected if they do your work is done Now imagine being able to work for musk Even be personally interviewed by the High grossing super successful employer To be allowed to see and work on some of The world's most ingenious and popular Scientific advances of our time I mean For some just meeting musk would be out Of this world bucket list worthy so if It happens if at some point you will get Interviewed by El musk we hope that this Video would help you and finally if you Like this video please subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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