Yellowstone National Park Officials Report That HUNDREDS Of Earthquakes Have Hit Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park Officials Report That HUNDREDS Of Earthquakes Have Hit Yellowstone

Joe Rogan warned that something Terrifying has happened and they are Closing Yellowstone National Park Because as Joe Rogan said the super Volcano that is a continent killer if it Blows up everyone dies the whole country Dies but why is Joe Rogan so worried Right now what has happened recently Well Experts of the field have reported A different giant activity biggest in Recent times throughout different areas Of the Yellowstone supervolcano and as Scientists warn all states throughout The United States are preparing for this Horrifying Danger So the Yellowstone volcano is a giant Threat to the United States because it Is a super volcano which is a volcano That is capable of erupting with an Explosive force that is thousands of Times greater than a typical volcano The Yellowstone volcano is currently Showing signs of unrest such as Increased seismic activity and ground Deformation this suggests that the Volcano may be building up pressure for A future eruption if the Yellowstone Volcano were to erupt again it would Have a devastating impact on the United States The Yellowstone volcano is a ticking Time Bomb predicting the next eruption Of the volcano is not feasible but it's Evident that the volcano poses a

Significant danger to the United States We need to be prepared for the Possibility of a Yellowstone eruption And we need to take steps to mitigate The damage that it would cause in Addition to the immediate impacts of a Yellowstone eruption there are also Long-term consequences that need to be Considered for example the Ash and Debris from the eruption could block out The Sun for several years causing a Global cooling event this could lead to Crop failures famine and other problems This eruption could also cause changes In the earth's climate which could have Lasting effects on the environment Furthermore the big blast that happened At Yellowstone Volcano around 631 000 Years ago wasn't just one massive Explosion new studies show that it was More like a bunch of smaller eruptions Or many openings in the ground shooting Out volcanic stuff one after the other The people at the U.S geological surveys Yellowstone Volcano Observatory looked Into things and found out some Interesting stuff they wrote in their Report from the 4th of May that the way The Yellowstone Caldera was made is more Complicated than they first believed you See a Caldera is a big hole that shows Up after a volcano Blows Its Top and now They know the story behind Yellowstone's Caldera isn't as simple as they thought

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Before Yellowstone is a really large system of Volcanoes on Earth it's located on a Special spot where hot stuff from deep Inside the earth comes up and makes Volcanoes over the last three million Years Yellowstone had three big Eruptions that made big holes in the Ground these eruptions happened 2.1 Million years ago 1.3 million years ago And 631 000 years ago in addition the Big blasts called Huckleberry Ridge Tough and lava Creek events are thought To be super huge because they shot out More than one thousand cubic kilometers Of Staff the lava Creek one even made The big hole we see at Yellowstone on The other hand Messer Falls eruption was Smaller spewing out about 67 cubic Kilometers of material even though it's Still way bigger than the 1980 eruption Of Mount Saint Helens it's not called a Super eruption like the others other Studies have revealed that the really Big lava Creek eruption didn't just Happen suddenly they found evidence in The area called sour Creek Dome east of The national park that before the huge Explosion there was at least one early Eruption they discovered special Volcanic rock called ignibrite that Forms when hotstar from an eruption Caused down and settles this ignumbrite Had already cooled down before the main

Lava Creek eruption that we know about In 2022 scientists worked on figuring Out when the eruption happened by Redoing the maps and Gathering samples From sour Creek Dome scientists had Already understood that there were at Least two different sections of rock From the eruption they used to think That there was almost no time gap Between them however Michael Poland Who's in charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory said they now Believe there are more sections and They're not certain about how much time Passed between them if any until now the Group of researchers has discovered four Types of eight nib right at sour Creek Dome that they didn't know about before This hints at at least four serious Bursts of eruptions they also found out Two things that seemed to be openings Where the eruption came from these might Be where these rocks originated This might suggest that there either Were multiple opening spewing stuff or There was a gap of time between the Eruptions according to Poland but they Don't have enough information right now To give definitive answers to these Questions back in 2020 scientists Discovered that the big Huckleberry Ridge tough eruption which threw out More than double the volcanic stuff of Lava Creek eruption also happened in

Different stages when they looked at the Rocks there they figured out that it Wasn't just one blast but actually three Separate eruptions the first two were Spaced apart by a few weeks to months And the third one happened after several Years to decades the discovery that the Lava Creek eruption might have happened In a similar way to the Huckleberry Ridge tarf eruption could help us guess What might occur when Yellowstone erupts Again It's possible that these big eruptions Creating cold areas aren't just one-time Events at Yellowstone they could have Different stages according to Poland the Scientists working on the volcano now Want to take a really close look at the New parts they found and how they Connect to each other by doing this they Hope to get a clearer idea of how the Lava Creek eruption happened and they Might even figure out what caused it in The first place moreover a recent study Revealed that there was a lot more Melted rock under Yellowstone Supervolcano than scientists previously Thought according to experts this Discovery gives us a better idea of What's Happening inside the huge Underground molten rock area magma Storage areas are not just liquid and Smooth they have a mix of melted rock Partly liquid crystals gases and other

Unstable stuff this mixture is always Changing but it usually erupts from Deep Underground when the amount of liquid Rock gets past a certain point Other researchers indicated that Volcanic explosions usually happen when About half of the room in the upper Magma storage area which is made up of Stacked pockets of melted rock becomes Filled with liquid melt Underneath Yellowstone Volcano there are Two parts where magma restored one is Not too far below the surface and is About 90 kilometers long and 40 Kilometers wide the other part is deeper And much bigger about 4.5 times larger The deeper part has around two percent Of melted rock while the upper part has A lot more a research paper from December 2022 found that the upper part Has between 16 and 20 melted rock Recently a scientist named sinbi Wu who Works in a place called The Swiss Seismological service in Zurich along With her team discovered that the amount Of melted rock is much greater They use data from seismic waves to Study the upper magma storage area which Is about five kilometers deep under Yellowstone the findings were published In a journal called Earth and planetary Science letters these findings show that The upper chamber actually has 28 melted Rock this is 8 to 12 percent more than

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What was estimated in 2022 using Different methods as explained by Wu Figuring out how much liquid is in magma Storage areas can assist scientists in Assessing the chance of volcanic Eruptions in other places We mentioned that even though this might Not be critical for Yellowstone right Now the methods they use can be applied To different magma systems that are at a Higher risk of erupting or are already Erupting even with the new discoveries Scientists still don't have a definitive Idea of what's hidden under the super Volcano we're explained they're hoping To combine their findings with other Information from studying the Earth Structure to figure out more For instance they want to know if There's only melted rock or if they're a Gas volatile substances or other things That can give them insights into how Eruptions might happen Joe Rogan has discussed the Yellowstone Supervolcano and has talked about the Potential impact of an eruption the Likelihood of it happening and what People can do to prepare he has raised Awareness of the potential threat posed By this volcano and encourage people to Learn more about it With that Rogan interviewed Makaya Keiko A theoretical physicist they talked About the science behind supervolcanoes

And the potential consequences of an Eruption at Yellowstone Keiku said that an eruption at Yellowstone could have a global impact Causing widespread asphalt and climate Disruption as stated by Rogan the Yellowstone super volcano is one of the Most dangerous volcanoes on Earth it's Overdue for an eruption and when it does It could have a devastating impact on The world I think it's important for People to be aware of the Yellowstone Super volcano it's a real threat and we Need to be prepared for it he added That's it for today subscribe to our Channel and hit the notification Bell

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