Sophie Trudeau Rips Justin Trudeau And Trudeau’s polling numbers have somehow gotten way worse!

Sophie Trudeau Rips Justin Trudeau And Trudeau's polling numbers have somehow gotten way worse!

Sophie Trudeau exposed Justin Trudeau's Work and accidentally admitted how bad The situation is for Canadians after 8 Years of Trudeau proving that Trudeau is Not a good leader for Canada with that Trudeau's polling numbers have gotten Way worse and they're so bad that it's Like every single Canadian wants him to Resign this is a very interesting story Development so let's explain everything So April 11th 20124 Sophie Trudeau Shared her opinion about Trudeau as a Prime minister and explained the Situation that is going on in Canada Sophie spoke about the differences Between herself and Justin Trudeau Emphasizing that these differences teach A vital lesson for Humanity it was Strange how she acknowledged that Canada Is facing a chaos and giant crisis after 8 years of Trudeau also we should read Her words between the lines but she had Weird words about the current situation She said because with the crisis that We're facing if we don't understand that Our capacity for empathy connection Presence and compassion is necessary I Say as the riverbed of justice and Democracy because without it we have Leaders who are deregulated who make Decisions that might not be based on Discernment and maturity and wisdom Leaders who are deregulated who make Decisions that might not be based on

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Discernment and maturity and wisdom About whom is she talking about well if You look at the Canadian famous Personalities ask people in the streets This is a very popular opinion about Trudeau that he is a leader without Maturity and wisdom that's for sure Furthermore at the Forbes Summit 2024 in March Sophie Trudeau continued these Strange acknowledgements about the Current situation in Canada she talked About how many people are suffering and Have troubles she addressed Canadian Women and asked them to not accept the Minimum to not accept the status quo Problems and suffering she said you Shouldn't expect the minimum you should Expect a maximum of nourishment presence And help in your life from the people Around you and we shouldn't have to hold It all together as women and the Question is what Trudeau is doing about It after 8 years of Trudeau what he has Done to improve the lives of Canadians But more importantly Trudeau's polling Numbers have somehow gotten way worse There are multiple new surveys and Reports about the current situation and Trudeau's approval for example from April 11th to 16 2024 Abacus data Carried out a nationwide survey Involving 2,300 adults to explore Various topics related to Canadian Politics and current events this was

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Part of their ongoing National surveys The survey particularly focused on Ontario with 995 people participating From this province in this survey they Covered regular topics but also included New questions comparing Justin Trudeau And Pierre pev on their effectiveness in Various tasks and situations this new Question was inspired by a similar one Recently used by a UK pollster the Survey was completed before the federal Budget was announced on Tuesday April 16th but it was conducted during and After a significant announcement about Housing on Friday April 12th the polls Haven't shown any increase in support For the Liberals after several Announcements made before the budget Even though the budget announcements Were mainly aimed at Young Canadians There hasn't been any noticeable change In their support among the two younger Age groups the conservatives are Currently leading by 20% the largest Margin ever recorded for them and they Are ahead in every part of the country Except Quebec where they are still Strong and across all demographic groups As this report reveals Canadians think Trudeau would be better than PV at Hosting a party however both leaders are Equally preferred by Canadians to sit Next to on a long flight to chat within A pub or to look after their children

However pever is seen as better at Managing tasks like extinguishing a Kitchen fire putting up a shelf Negotiating a discount and navigating During a road trip these insights help Explain current Canadian opinions about These leaders if there were an election Today 43% of decided voters would choose The conservatives 23% would vote for the Liberals 18% for the NDP and 5% for the Greens in Quebec 32% would vote for the BQ there hasn't been any major change in The support for any of the parties People's opinions about Justin Trudeau Are not changing much 57% view him Negatively and 25% positively making his Overall rating minus 32 for those Between 18 and 29 years old his rating Is slightly better atus 30 over the the Past 3 months his average rating was Minus 36 so it has gotten a little Better recently on the other hand Opinions about Pierre PV are also steady 38% view him positively and 35% Negatively resulting in a Net score of Plus three they also asked if People's Views on each leader are improving or Worsening recently during the budget Announcements this was a way to see if These events were helping their Reputation for Trudeau things seem to be Getting worse 14% think their view of Him as getting better but 45% think it's Getting worse and 41% see no change with

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Another report a new survey by ipsos Shows that the conservative party is Increasing its lead over the liberal Party now doubling the liberal support Percentage about a third of people 32% Say they wouldn't consider voting for The Liberals in the upcoming election With 27% saying the same about the Conservatives older Canadians are more Likely than younger ones to rule out Voting for the Liberals the NDP and the Block Kea BQ don't stir strong feelings Either way the conservatives are now 19 Points ahead of the liberals who are at Risk of falling even further behind

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